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An update on what is coming shortly

hi all, it has still been a bit quiet so instead of just writing a load of nothing I thought I would wait until I have the stuff to talk about.

Firstly I shut down my Patreon account. This may seem a little crazy but the reason is that I could not keep that updated and this website and do the naturist club committee stuff, as well as my day-to-day stuff. the money coming in helped but I felt I was giving nothing back to them as well as I was getting people coming on there expecting me to do sexual video content for them and that is not what I do

So last week we had our first naked swim in the leisure center since the second lockdown ended. I have now taken over the process for registering so it meant I had a lot to organize for the first swim but still we managed to get about 25 swimmers. Four were new to the club and the rest was current members. The swim went well but I must admit I was mainly socializing with people and managed a whole two lengths! It was still great to get back in the pool with everyone.


Next weekend I shall be putting my pool up so there should be some video of me in that above and below the water

I have a naked walk just over a week's time so there will be another video blog on that, hopefully, I get more chance to film this time as the last walk was at a quick pace which meant I did not get much chance to.


After that things really get busy. I was planning to do a naked walk on the 1st but I can't make it as I am actually doing a photoshoot for a naturist publication and a short bit of writing which will be very interesting.

On 3rd I am a marshal/steward on the naked heart walk for charity at Painshill ( so I will try to video myself there as I shall not video other people without permission.

On 8th I have another naked walk which I have done solo many times and have videos on here but I will endeavor to film this one as well as it is my favorite walk

At the end of the month, I shall be in Gibraltar for a week with my son for our yearly holiday. It will be good to get abroad this year as last year was not possible. I don't think there is a naturist beach in Gibraltar but I will try to find one!

on the 17th is a naked beach day at Normans bay so i will get the chance to swim naked in the sea if its not too cold


This should be a good month. on the 16th I have another naked walk at a new location and then on the 25th, I head out to Vera Playa for my naturist holiday. This is going to be a full holiday video blog so expect a big video on this. Depending on if Spain is a green or amber country I may have to self isolate upon return which may complicate things a little as I have a walk at the start of September


on the 4th is another naked walk so long as I don't need to self isolate as if I do then I may need to do a test to release PCR test so I can go out on this walk

On the 9th is another naked walk that I have not done so I will video this one as it is a forest walk

The naked swims are possibly going to be once a month during the summer. I am waiting to see if there are any naked bike rides for WNBR day this year. Not sure if and when they will be allowed which is odd as other protests are going on during lockdown restrictions!

Anyway that is all that I have for now and I am going to go outside naked in the sun for a morning coffee

Best wishes


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Jun 23, 2021

Thank you for sharing! 😊


Yes East Sussex Naturists (ESN) has come out of lockdown with several more members than it went in and everyone is so glad to get out and meet up. Several members of the club enjoyed a glorious bank holiday weekend with Mill Bank Sun Club and some of their members will come swimming with ESN. Good to see you have much to write about and you are developing your vlogging skills!

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