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My journey

Let's start way, way back. My childhood did not get off to a great start, to be honest. When I was 3 - 4 yrs old, I was left alone in a back garden. I managed to peel the paint off a garden door, and unknown to all, this paint had a high lead content. Over the next few weeks, I became more and more ill. When I became pale and limp, My grandad took me to the doctors, and after tests, they found my blood contained 3 1/2 times the average level of lead that would kill a person. I spent nearly a year in the hospital fighting for my life but eventually pulled through after having around 150 injections a day to pull the lead-contaminated blood from my body.

After that, I was a quiet kid. I was timid and did not have friends, but I remember repeatedly hearing from the doctors at each 6-month checkup that they felt I would have received some form of brain-damaged from the lead and permanently damaged all the organs in my body. They thought I would not recover fully and would not live to see my 18th birthday.

 Being told gave me an exciting look at life as I felt I should do what makes me happy if I was not going to have as long as most others. Where I had not developed social skills, I spent most of my time playing or watching TV in my bedroom. However, I clearly remember that I hated wearing clothes, so I stayed nude all day. And so began the start of my naturist journey.

I hated every minute of school, it was just not for me, but one thing I did not mind at secondary school was physical education, as it always gave me a chance to get undressed. I usually would be the last to leave as I wanted to avoid getting dressed again. At home, I would wait until my parents and sister went out and then dash into the garden with no clothes on to sunbathe or be in the garden nude. The feeling of being free made me feel complete and happy. When I got to the age of being able to drive, I often sunbathed naked in the garden. When my mates arrived, they had to wait for me to get dressed to go out. I was always the one that, if someone mentioned skinny dipping, I would be first out of my clothes and stand waiting for everyone else.

So being able to drive gave me my first experience of a naturist beach. One lovely summer day, I had it all planned out and headed to Brighton in East Sussex and parked at Madera Drive along the naturist beach. I remember exiting the car wearing a t-shirt and shorts and clutching a towel tightly. As I crossed the textile beach, I saw the nude people lying there and thought this was right for me, someplace I felt comfortable. I looked for a place to lay and found a nice gap, placed my towel down, sat on it, and just froze! It suddenly occurred to me I was in a public place and was about to get naked for the first time, but as I sat there, I felt that being clothed made me look odd, so I laid down flat and wriggled out of my t-shirt. Then the big moment, I wiggled out of my shorts and underwear and laid dead still in the sun, unsure if I was "doing it right". After a while, I realised nothing was wrong and felt calm and relaxed, enjoying the feeling of the sun all over my body. A couple of hours had passed, and I had been laying there enjoying it, and then the sun suddenly disappeared. I looked up and saw a person standing in front of me. I looked at them, and they said: "Do you want a free condom?". "What the hell" went through my mind, and I managed to say no thank you to them, and they went to the next person. My mind was then all over the place, was this normal, was it some orgy that happened at a set time? With those thoughts in mind, I quickly dressed and returned to the car, feeling very confused.

I had not returned to the beach again after that, and a couple of years after it, I managed to get a girlfriend, proposed, and married. We bought a flat together, and she was then aware that I would not wear clothes at home, and she accepted it. She was not a naturist, but she joined me nude indoors after a while and began feeling comfortable. We moved houses a couple of times, and as we had both got successful businesses, we purchased our dream home with a secluded garden, so we would both be nude in it. We then had a son, and then things changed. Because of his behaviour, he was tested and diagnosed as having Aspergers. At that point, the specialist that diagnosed him told me he could see I also had it, and nobody had checked for it through my time at school, and the teachers had put it down to me being lazy and having a short attention span. It put much pressure on our marriage, and her business struggled. I had heard of the world naked bike ride and decided to participate. I began to take part yearly as a ride marshal, fully nude. |Doing this was the final straw as since we had our son, my wife had stopped going in the garden bare, and now I was doing the ride and being naked in public, and the marriage fell apart. She was out clubbing every night and sleeping at other people's houses, leaving me to look after our son. We separated, and I moved to a rented house by myself as during the divorce, it came to light that she had bailed out her business from debt with credit cards from our joint account, so we both walked away from our 13-year relationship with about £6k so I could not afford to by another home.

Over the next few years, I went on naked bike rides yearly and was nude at home and in my garden. My neighbours had no issues with me being naked in the garden and would often stand and chat over the fence whilst I was nude. I began to go to Normans Bay Beach in East Sussex, an unofficial nudist beach that is quieter than Brighton, and nobody walks along offering free condoms! I joined the Eastbourne Naturist Swim Club (now called East Sussex Naturists) and Stark Trekkers and began going on organised naturist walks. I was increasingly enjoying being a naturist and knew this was the real me.

I then took the plunge and went with a fellow naturist swim member and went to Vera Playa. Instantly I knew this was the place I wanted to retire to—a friendly, relaxed, warm, naturist town. The feeling is fantastic to get up the first day, shower, have breakfast, and then walk into the street fully nude, and nobody cares. t be able to go to a bar and sit for a meal or a drink and not have to worry about being dressed is sublime. I cannot explain how amazing it is to be there. I have been several times over the last two years and am supposed to be there this year, but it is uncertain due to the lockdown. I have also stayed at the Naturist Foundation in Kent for a long weekend—a lovely place with amicable and welcoming people. I will be back there yearly for long weekends or a week break as it is so relaxing to be nude from arrival to departure.

I have taken on more responsibility within the East Sussex Natutsits Club as a committee member, social media officer, and club membership secretary. I also organise the attendance at the naked swims.

I also decided to make my naturist website to show the world that naturists are everyday people that live their life nude, even if it is whilst doing day-to-day activities like cleaning, etc., by doing written lifestyle and video blogs from my naturist I am a UK ambassador for the Naturist symbol and sell items on my website with the logo on at cost price.

I also have joined the UK naturist camping club so I can explore these various places around the UK where naturists can feel relaxed with others.


So that is my naturist life. Every day I get home and do, like everybody else - remove my shoes as soon as I get in, but unlike most, I remove all my clothes. May my naturist life continue for many years; I already beat the doctor's prediction of not seeing my 18th.

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