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Why i have been so quite and my future plans

Hi all, its been a while since i posted so i thought it time for an update. I have been off the naturist scene for a little bit as i have had a small accident and have been trying to sort it out. I got to close to an extremely hot object whilst nude and serverly burnt my foreskin. I am seeing a plastic surgeon and await to find out if i am going to have to be circumcised or not. Yes it is a life changine experience of sorts and has had me preocupied for a whilst trying to heal and feel better.

So regardless of how that goes over the next few months i am back and i am going to be back on my natursit lifestyle either way of how it turns out.

I am going on a naturist walk a week today, the weather forcast is dry, part sunnny and 16 degrees so not the warmest of days but at least it is a natursit walk.

I am joining a UK natursit camping club so i can get out and about more next year to natursit camp sites. I feel due to covid the world had been put on hold for a year and as such natursits could only be nude alone or on a BN online event which is good but still not the same as being with fellow natursits.

I am awaiting the next year naturist walk dates so i can book them off at work and the same for the camping as i feel i need to make up for having to be away from everybody and not getting to have the natursit companionship.

I am still planning to go to Vera Playa next year as well. I have the vouchers for my cancelled flight but currently British Airways are not flying to Almeria so i may have to fly into Alicante but i am holding out for Almeria.

I am planning to pick up where i left off earlier this year, lots more naturist walks, lots more naturist events, lots more naturist lifestyle. I will always be nude if i can in life as i feel so much more relaxed, comnfatable and safe. I plan to host some natursit evenings at my home during next year and to become more involved than i have ever been in the past. I have a passion for naturism and will use it to help promote the lifestyle in the most positive way i can.

Thankyou to all the new subscribers to the website and thankyou to my paetreon supports for helping fund this site so i can carry on spreding the word on naturism and #normalisingnaturism

Stay safe, stay nude

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