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Vera Playa naturist holiday

A the end of August I managed at last to go away for my yearly naturist holiday in Vera Playa, Spain. I had been trying to go for the last couple of years but the travel situation due to Covid-19 meant I had to keep putting it off but finally I made it back there again.

I had an early morning flight so I stayed in an Premier inn on Bath road, Heathrow so I did not have to have an early morning drive . I spent the evening there in my room naked and after having a lovely deep bath I rested and watched tv.

In the morning I was up at 4am and once I had all my belongings I left on the 15 mins drive to the short stay carpark at terminal 5 where i meet the valet parking chap. I headed into the terminal and managed to pass straight through customs with no issues, i was hoping not to get stopped and have a body search as I only had shorts and a t-shirt with no underwear.

I had a lovely smooth flight on a British Airways A319 to Madrid where I changed plans to an Air Nostrum (Iberia local) Bombardier CJR100. Once I landed in Almeria I meet the drive outside the airport and headed to Vera Playa.

On arrival I had to wait outside the main gate at La Menara as my host was unable to make it due to a family issue so I was meet by a friend and taken into the apartment. Once they had left I got naked and settled in. These are some of the pictures of the apartment and its view.

I popped my shoes on and grabbed a bag and left the apartment naked. I went out the gate to the complex onto the street still naked and walked up to the shop, only stopping just down from it at the edge of the naturist zone to pop my shorts and t-shirt on. As soon as I had what I needed I headed back and as soon as I got the naturist zone the clothes came off again. Such a great feeling to be able to walk nude though the streets.

Each day I managed to walk 6.2 miles (10km) around the naturist zone going round a route i made that is just about 2 miles in length

It felt so relaxing to be able to go out to the beach and not need to take clothes or to head to a restaurant for lunch and sit there naked watching the world go by. It just proves that clothes are not needed in places like that and naturist's and textiles can live in harmony as there is non naturist people that live next to the zone that often will go through the zone or to the naturist beach and have no issues with us being nude there.

All my pictures will be on my Flickr and I will be posting a link to my video which is an hour long. I will put it up on Vimeo but it will be a low resolution version and done in sections.

The Vera Playa way of life is ideal. I could relax and had no real need for clothes. The weather was in the mid 30's each day and everyone is so friendly there. I meet a couple from Wales and had a chat o them, i meet two guys from USA and chatted nude on the seafront to them for over 30 mins. Most people say hello either in English or Spanish. The workers clean the streets everyday and it always looks lovely. I dont have a bad word to say about the place. As soon as I can afford to I will be buying a place there so eventually I can retire there nude for the rest of my life.

I did not get chance to chat to anyone about living there but i found out that if you own an apartment and rent it out you are taxed 26%. You have to fill out 5 tax forms each year and need 20% deposit to buy a place.

One day I did go up in a Para trike as being a paraglider person I wanted to experience it

We flew up to around 2000ft and spent a fair while going along the coast from Villaricos to Garrucha chatting as we flew and looking down on the naturist zone from the sky. It was good to get a birds eye view of the area and to see that the naturist zone is a good size.

Most days had the same routine. Get up nude, shower nude, walk 6 miles nude, go back to the complex nude and swim in the pool, siesta nude sometimes in the bedroom and sometimes nude on the patio and then nude sunbathing in the late afternoon/evening sunshine before heading out for a bit e to eat … still nude.

Food is relatively cheap at restaurants and the supermarkets are about the same as the UK prices with some items less.

Apartments are about £450 a week for a single bed and £525 for a double. Direct flights with EasyJet can be found from Gatwick to Almeria for £100. The airport shuttle service costs £34 return (if you book to go on the shuttle bus they send a car as it is to the naturist zone)

I highly recommend that if you are thinking of having a naturist holiday then consider Vera Playa as you wont regret it


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