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Two current problems with the naturist community

This is a problem that the naturist community seems to have, a die-hard collective that feels being nude from the waist down is acceptable and doesn't see the problem. I will try to explain it and see if we can all agree this is unacceptable.

We are naturists. We live our lives as nude as possible, as that is our lifestyle. We go on nude walks and hikes at different times of the year and in different temperatures. When we go out, we are naked, and people can see we are naturists, and that is why we are nude. If we all started to go out nude from the waist down, then would the message be blurred and confused?

We are now giving out the message, "I want my genitals exposed, but not all my body"; this is where the problem lies. Now, we seem like exhibitionists who want everyone to see our genitals. This needs to be stopped by walking groups as it is giving out the wrong impression of us all.

If it is too cold to have your top off, wear a backpack with your clothes inside so it is covered and kept warm. Suppose it is too cold; get fully dressed, not just your top half. I now won't walk with a group if someone is naked from the waist down only as it gives out the wrong impression of the walking group, and I don't want to be tarnished by that.

We must touch on Onlyfans and Patreon, as this is also a problem. People who are well respected by the naturist community are on both sites selling themselves - I'm afraid that's not right for the naturist community worldwide. I admit that I used to be on Patreon to help cover the cost of my website and cameras, but I realised it was incorrect and left the site.

That is how porn sites work; nude people make money from showing their bodies, and this is the same as doing it on Onlyfans. Patreon is not as bad, but it is still not good; Onlyfans is just a legalised porn site, and naturists have no reason to be on there.

I spend over £500 year of my on money to be able to promote naturism in the best way i can via my website. I pay this out of my pocket as I contribute to making naturism more accepted worldwide. I do not want to be paid to do this and certainly would not ever want to be on a site like Onlyfans where I would be profiting from people seeing me nude.

I am genuinely saddened that some of our top, well-known people in the naturist community worldwide feel it necessary to be on Onlyfans and to make money via Patreon by showing themselves naked - if you want to be online nude, then you should be doing it for the sole purpose of promoting naturism, and that should be enough of a payment to do it!

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Stewart Lomax
Stewart Lomax
12 févr.

I totally agree with you on the subject of being bottomless or as someone once said ‘ doing a Donald Duck impression.

I’ve no experience with Patreon or other platforms so can’t comment.

Only Facebook and Instagram where full frontal nudity is not permitted.

Whilst we’re on this topic… I think it’s out of order when people post, even on BN website, showing their body but not their face. What’s that all about? There’s no safer space than an actual naturist website!

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