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To say or not to say, that is the question!

At some point we all have that question within our mind and ponder on whether to say or not about something, well this is as to whether on not you tell people you are a naturist.

I have had this thought many times at various points in my life and I know what I do but for others this is not the case for they are unsure if they should reveal this about theirself. This can be quite daunting as it is something personal that not many people may know about you but it is how you are.

So, do you say it?

Well in my opinion the answer is yes. After all, you are who you are and it should not matter what other people think of you or what you do. I often have been in this situation but I am at the point in life where I dont care what people think of me so being able to say to a stranger that I am a naturist is no problem. Most of the time people are inquisitive and ask questions but you do get some that try to brush the topic to one side. I am open and honest about myself and I am combatable to say things that are personal about myself but for others this is a big problem. I have told everyone I know that I am a naturist. All my family know, all my work colleges know, my neighbors know, etc and not one of them has an issue with it and after all why should they. Just because a naturist lives their life nude when ever possible wont affect anybody else.

But why say it?

My theory on this is that I would rather tell someone that I am a naturist than have them find out from someone else as I fell that it would look like I am possibly hiding it. Take at my work for example, recently we have employed a young female that works on the reception desk. I was on holiday when she started and at first i was a little quite around her as I had not been introduced so was a little unsure who she was but within a week I was talking to her and when we was casually chatting about ourselves I dropped into the conversation that I am a naturist. She did not actually know what I was talking about so I briefly explained I dont wear clothes at home and go on nude walks and holidays, etc as well as have my own naturist website about my nude lifestyle. I knew by her response she was not overly comfortable with this conversation so I just followed up with telling her I thought I would say to her about it myself rather than she found out from someone else as she may have thought I was just someone that lurks about naked etc. She was then ok as to why I had told her and had no issue with it

She now knows when one of the others at work ask something like when am I going on my next nude walk she then will understand it rather then getting the wrong idea.

So who to tell and who not to tell?

Well, i tell anyone that I am a naturist as I dont hide it. I know for others that they cannot tell their family or work for example as it may cause major issues. That is ok as you dont need to tell anybody but I have found it does make life a lot easier as I dont have to hide it away from people and remember who I can mention to about it and who I cant. For example, my family all know I am a naturist but wont go on my website as they dont want to see me nude. They will on the other hand watch one of my naturist videos if I censor out my genitals but imagine if i had not told them and tried to keep it a secret.

I have told people that I am a naturist and i have not heard from them again as they are not combatable with it at all but to be honest I would rather not know them if they have an issue with something about me. for example, I meet a female a couple of years back and we went on a few dates and all was fine but I then told her I was a naturist and she thought i was not right to want to be nude. We parted ways and I have never heard from her since. I feel that was a good thing as imagine I had left if and things got more serious between us and then she heard from somebody else I was a naturist! People will either accept you as you are or will walk away so as to who to tell …. well I dont feel it matters but saying that it has to be take into consideration as to the possible effect this has.

Example : you are unsure to tell your work colleges or not as they are very strict on things and you may loose your job. You are the only one that can make up your mind on if it is worth the possibility of become unemployed by them knowing or not. But then say you dont tell them and one day you are down the naturist beach and then you see someone from work there too - you actually have something in common and if you had said about it you would have had a new naturist friend but then it could go the opposite way. So you have not tole anybody at your work and then one day you go in and everyone is looking at you and you can tell something is up. The next minute you are called into the office by the boss and then are asked about your naturist activates as someone has found out and told them - they are going to be very suspicious as to why you kept it a secret.

Only you can make the decision as to who you tell but I would say this, would you rather try to keep it a secret form all for your whole life and always have the fear that someone will find out or do you just be open and honest and tell all so you can relax and who dont like it will no longer want you as their friend but that that would give you more time to make new naturist friends.

I recently told someone I have know for years something non naturist about myself that is very personal and to my surprise they opened up to me and it became apparent that they also was exactly the same as what I told them bout me. It turned out they had never told anyone and now felt so relived to find someone they knew that was the same and they no longer felt alone and like the odd one out. And that is possibly the same out come you may find by opening up and telling people you are a naturist.

Is it worth taking the chance and telling people?

In my opinion, yes it it. You can then relax and know who is ok with it and who is not rather than never knowing and always wondering what they would say to it.

You are you and it is better to be open and relaxed about yourself rather than keep it hidden and up tight about it.

If you have accepted it your self that you are a naturist then give others people the chance to make up their mind if they accept you for being you, after all you may be surprised to find out that people you know are actually naturists too!

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