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The Vera Playa holiday is near!

So I thought I would write a little blog about the Vera Playa holiday as this is going to be my most ambitious project yet.

As you know I am off to Vera Playa in a couple of weeks for my naturist holiday but I am not there just to relax on the beach etc, I am planning to make a guide to the naturist area in he way of a video. the reason I am wanting to do this is because I remember going for the first time and not knowing much about the place and thought it would be helpful if people could have a video blog about it so the idea was born.

So to start with here is the map of the zone

As you can see the area is made up of naturist accommodation on different streets and there is a proper hotel at the end of one street. My plan is I will be walking nude down every street and filming it so people can recognize them. To do this I shall be up early before people are up and about so that I can get the streets empty as not to film anybody else.

I will try to bring information on the shops, bars and restaurants in the zone as well as do footage of walking the lovely beach. I am hoping that I will be able to interview some of the local residents that have moved there and get their info and insight into living there. If you do live there and would like to be interviewed then please get in contact with me.

I hope to put together a video about the area as well as separate daily video blog containing my being there, in my apartment, in the pool including underwater video's and footage with pictures of me on the beach etc.

I do want to buy a place myself there but still dont have enough for a deposit but saying that I will look at a place for sale if it takes my eye as there is always ways to raise funds.

So that is on a couple of weeks time so when I am back I will pop the video up online and hope all enjoy it

Best wishes


Flying Naturist

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