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The naturist beach

So it was a nice warm bank holiday Monday this week so at lunchtime, after getting a message from a fellow naturist we agreed to meet at Normans Bay naturist beach in East Sussex. I popped on a long t-shirt and a pair of Nike popper trousers s I could get nude at the beach easily and set off in my van. Upon arrival, I wandered up to the beach form the busy parking area and set off along to the naturist part. It looked fairly busy but this may be due to the fact everyone was social distancing so it meant they were spread out more.

I found a little spot midway down the beach and not far from the water and laid my towel down. I whipped off my clothes and felt the lovely sun's hot rays hit my nude skin once more. I laid down and got comfortable and waited for my fellow naturist to arrive. After about 25 mins my phone went and he was at the beach looking for me. I got up and walked up to the top edge of the beach and gave him a wave. I stood there whilst clothed people walked by and nobody cared in the slightest.

When he got to me we sat down and discussed our holiday in Vera Playa at the end of July, if the lockdown permits it. I looked around the beach and could see that it was not only males on the beach and there was in fact a few females. This is always good to see as it meant they felt comfortable with the males that were there.

I did a little blog video down by the water so I was sure nobody was in the view etc, I will pop that on here in a minute. Everything was good and the sun got me a little burnt. I headed of into the sea for a lovely cooling swim for an=bout 15 mins and after w a while managed to get my friend to get in, I did lie a little and told him it was warm. I went back in later for a good swim along the shoreline and then saw the one issue with some guys at the naturist beaches.

A young lady had been laying on the beach happily just along from me. She was by herself and had been in the water a couple of times. She was at the edge of the naturist part and was wearing a bikini and was clearly there to enjoy the sunshine and nothing else. She removed her bikini top and laid face down. Then it happened, a nude guy that was easily old enough to be her grandad makes he's way over to her and try to talk to her. He clearly did not get the message as he then decided to lay a couple of meters from her.

This was not a good idea. She rolled over so her back was to him and eventually left. Now if she was wanting to be a naturist but was building up courage then his actions have probably put her off again, not clever! My friend and I were discussing it as she walked up the beach and then saw the elderly guy walk off along the beach in the opposite direction. Shame on him for making her feel uneasy.

A little while later we had the issue. we were both laying on our fronts and hen a guy decided to walk up the beach and stand just up from our heads, fully nude facing us. I slyly looked up from under my cap and saw he had his hand in a bag over his shoulder whilst staring at us. As he began to pull a camera from the bag I sat up and stared at him. He quickly turned and left.

I have no issue with people taking my picture as I feel rather impressed that anybody would even want a picture of me but only if they have the respect and decency to ask first. You don't just try to sneak up on someone and take a picture whilst they are unaware and this is the sort of behavior that gets you in trouble.

Other than that it was a great bank holiday beach day other than I got a tad burnt and could not go on my planned naturist walk over the south downs, which will be tomorrow morning now.

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