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The incorrect "I'm a naturist" issue

By now I feel that we as naturists have a clear understanding of what it is to be a naturist - being more happy/relaxed not wearing clothes and going about our normal life's nude in a non sexual way. We go about our life's free and not having the restrictions of clothes. Everything seems much more relaxed not having your body covered up. We are not doing it for some sexual reason or getting a thrill from it - to us it is just natural.

So this then brings us to the incorrect naturists issue. I am seeing more and more people on Twitter that say in their profile that they are either a naturist or nudist. They have maybe even posted a nude picture of themselves on there and are followed by actual real naturists and retweet naturist posts which is all fine but then you check what they have liked and see the real reason for being on there. Post after post is people having sex or masturbating. Dont get me wrong, we all enjoy either in our life's but going on a public site like Twitter and calling yourself a naturist or nudist and then purely liking that sort of content or retweeting it is not being a true naturist.

Lets face the facts - the general population already feel that we are weird or if you are a male nudist then that automatically makes you a creep or a pedo. Many also believe that at naturist meetings it is really just an orgy and we all have prolific sex with each other. So liking sexual content on places like twitter just makes the matter worse as they then think "oh another nudist with sexual content, I was right about them" and there is the problem.

I know that many of you that say you are a naturist but have this sort of content may actually feel you are a naturist or nudist as you may live without clothes but dont realise the actual damage you do to naturism or nudism by making this connection. If you are a true 100% nudist then please think about this issue as we need to show the world that being nude is normal and dont have to be sexual. if you make the link by saying online that you are a nudist or naturist then have sexual content on your profile then you need to think of the image you give off towards he whole naturist / nudist world and are actually making living as either more difficult.

#normalizenudity or similar dont stand a chance when there is people in the world that call themselves naturist or nudist and then make a clear connection to sexual content on social media. Another issue I am seeing lately is people on Facebook trying more and more to get a nude or nearly nude picture on it - this needs to stop. Facebook is not the place for it for a couple of reasons. They will not tolerate any nudity on there. Also it is a family based social media so it is not appropriate. You think to yourself that you will post a nude picture to a naturist based group on there and lightly blur out your genitals or take a new picture that has a mirror in the background where your genitals can clearly be seen. The people in the group may see no issue with it and all may be ok but then one of you relations is sitting with their children and is showing them their relatives and as they go through each persons profile they then come to yours and see this picture. If they are not naturists or do not know you are then there is the chance they will make sure they no longer get in contact with you and you are cut off ... all because you wanted to push your luck on there. Would you make a Christmas card using that picture and send it to all you relations or people you know?

There are places on the internet that you can post pictures like that, Flickr for example is one of them which is fine but dont then link it to your naturist profile or your Facebook account etc. Make it separate from them all. The same is for making or watching sexual content. Many people do it and a lot make money from things like onlyfans which is ok to do but if you are making sexual content then do the same as picture and dont link them to your naturist or normal social media. If they are kept separate then they dont cause offence to people that dont want to see it. It also stops the issue of saying you are a naturist but then linking to sexual content

I feel as nudists/naturists that we need to make this clear the it is fine to have sex or enjoy sexual content but keep it separate from the naturist part of your life - the two dont mix well and when it is put together just compounds the worlds non-nude populations idea that we use nudism or naturism as a cover for an orgy !!!!

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