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Swimming, Lockdown, Winter etc

Well, here we are now in the second UK lockdown. This is a shame as I had been to the naturist swim twice and was starting to get back into it and then all leisure centres have been closed for all of November at least. The swims were well attended and all enjoyed it.

So lockdown. Well, that stops any form of naturist meeting in person at all. You cant have anybody around your home indoors or out so its Zoom meetings as the only naturist events. Personally, I am leaving home at 5.30 am to go to work and when the weather is dry and above 10 degrees I happily leave my home nude other than footwear. I walk down my garden, though my garage and out to my car in the rear parking are nude. I then pop into my car and drive to work. If it is wet or like the last few days really cold then I just pop my long coat on and do the same. I leave my coat behind me but off as to speak. When I arrive at work and have to unlock the front gate I pop the long coat on and a pair of shorts, don't want anybody driving up the main road to have a surprise as well as I am not sure work would like it either.

There is something that feels good to be able to get into my car and drive nude. I think it is because the weather is not good outside now for being nude now but in my car, I can be as the heater keeps me warm yet I am outside nude still. The only issue I have is the seat belt is always so cold on the skin.

And now winter is fast approaching. Many evenings now will be spent indoors with the heating on but still nude. I am lucky as my house is mid-terrace so it stays around 20 degrees inside all year so I don't have to have the heating on much. This means also that I can't do any naturist videos outside so there will be no walks etc but I will try to do some indoor stuff. I am saving currently to buy a Rode Go wireless microphone kit as I feel my videos would benefit from this as I noticed on some of the videos it is hard to hear my voice and what I am saying.

I have also been uploading my videos to Vimeo as so far they have not been deleted like last time. I am still unclear to this day why they were removed and my account closed as I marked them as nudity etc yet they just removed them overnight. I don't understand it as naturism is booming due to the lockdowns and surely they want to profit from them. I need to upgrade soon already so will have to buy a pro package. Yet more income for them I guess.

So winter is restrictive for naturists, especially when they are in a lockdown as well. No events, no meetups etc so just plan old indoor nudity and zoom calls. Winter this year will be difficult but there is light at the end of the tunnel as I am booked to go to Vera Playa next June and will be there for my birthday. I intend to do a video blog from there all about the place but will have to see how that goes. I can film indoors and on the beach if it is empty but will try to get some footage on the streets and in the pool if it is empty.

I will try to give you all a " Guide to Vera Playa" and see if I can show you all what is so special to me about the place. I freely tell all I want to buy an apartment there and live there during the winter and in the UK in the summer, renting the Vera apartment out when I am not there. Ideally, I want to retire there but due to good old Brexit that may be a lot more difficult in years to come but we will see.

Well it's back to sitting here nude for a while before doing some housework, yes even naturists still do housework but we do it nude

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