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Some update news

Quick update. I have had a cold I think and felt a bit drained over the last week. All the others at work had the cold in the early pat of the week and it was inevitable that I was going to get something from them.

I knew i was not right as when I was getting in from work I was just laying on the sofa straight away without getting naked - very unlike me. I was then falling asleep on the sofa after having something light to eat and then headed off to bed about 9pm

Well today i felt well enough to have my morning coffee nude in the garden

So then, yes I have had a haircut as I looked like a monster lol. I was supposed to be loosing some weight as i am a little podgy now but due to having a bad back i have been unable to get exercising.

Talking of bad back, I have been seeing the chiropractor for a few weeks now and at last I am able to walk about fine with no pain. I have spent over £500 in treatment but it is so worth it

Now, also talking about spending money …. I have bought a new van, well minibus actually.

I have bought it well under price as it currently dont run. It had a new engine fitted but the garage that fitted seem to have done something wrong as it turns over but wont start. I have a friend that is a Ford mechanic and he thinks he can make it run. I had to take a loan out to buy it so i am in more debt again but it is worth it. I plan to remove all the rear interior seats and trims and convert it to a campervan so I can travel around the UK next year to all the different naturist sites.

Hopefully it will be something simple and i can actually drive it soon. It is a Ford Tourneo Custom Titanium. It has all the toys like heated seats, auto lights, auto wipers, etc so is a high spec. It is an automatic as well so it should make driving around the UK and to Spain a lot easier. So there will be lots of videos coming soon of me converting it to a camper, i will be nude as much as possible whilst I build this.

So lets touch on Vimeo. As you will be aware they booted me off there again. To say i was annoyed is an understatement but i am unable to do nothing about this. They told me they a was not happy with a few videos but as it is a violation of the terms they delete the account regardless of the other videos that are ok - would be much more sensible to communicate to the person that put them on and say they need to remove them and not the whole account.

Videos will still be made and posted here, it is far more difficult as I cannot post 4k on here. I can post links to them if I put them in google drive but I know some people dont like to use this method. I am looking to find a way I can embed them into the website but Wix are very restrictive on this.

So all naturist events have seemed to come to an end now in the UK. I have been trying to get out and about nude still but again this is difficult with the dark mornings and evenings now, as well as having a cold this week. The weekly swim as Seaford is still on but I cant take pictures there etc. I was going to go today but as I am still sniffley and coughing a bit i wont go and pass it to all.

So not much is going in at this time. Patreon members are dwindling as they mainly came from Vimeo so I have lost that support now. As soon as I can get out in the back of the van and do a video from inside it I will post it here so you can see it. Also if I manage a quick nude walk about I will post that here too.

Best wishes


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