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Public nudity around the world and its discrimination

I was sat here wide awake on holiday in Gibraltar and thought I would check the rules on nudity etc as I had been unable to get to sleep for so long I popped outside nude in the cool night air but had heard it was illegal to even go topless here. I spent a long time going through different websites but eventually found out that it was correct.

I began to think more about this and before I knew it I had found an article in a UK news paper that was taken from the website pour moi (link and credits at the end). They had put together a global map from various sources, one being Naked Wanderings, that shows where it is legal and where it is not to be topless or nude so I thought I would share some of this with you.

Here is the map

So here is a list of green countries

  • Mauritius - topless only, not full nude

  • Canada - only at nudist beaches or areas

  • Argentina - at nude beaches, other areas are not advised

  • Uruguay - topless is allowed and there is nude beaches

  • Israel - topless is allowed and there is nude beaches

  • Japan - full nudity mainly at onsens

  • South Korea - in designated areas

  • Thailand - in designated areas or nude beaches

  • Vietnam - no actual rules but topless and nude are more acceptable now

  • Austria - ok and common

  • Belgium - topless ok but full nude only on nudist beaches

  • Bulgaria - ok and lots of nudist beaches

  • Croatia - ok just about anywhere

  • Czech Republic - topless sunbathing allowed, no mention of nude

  • France - ok and lots of nudist beaches

  • Germany - ok and lots of nudist beaches

  • Greece - topless sunbathing allowed, no mention of nude

  • Hungary - nudist beaches and legal to sunbathe nude

  • Iceland - legal but not often done (cold)

  • Italy - topless ok but full nude only on nudist beaches

  • Latvia - topless ok but full nude only on nudist beaches

  • Lithuania - legal and some nudist beaches

  • Luxembourg - nudist beaches

  • Montenegro - nudist and topless areas

  • Netherlands - topless sunbathing allowed, no mention of nude

  • Norway - nudist beaches but topless not acceptable every where else

  • Portugal - ok just about anywhere

  • Serbia - legal and some nudist beaches

  • Slovakia - nudist beaches and areas

  • Slovenia - topless ok but full nude only on nudist beaches

  • Spain - ok just about anywhere

  • Sweden - only at nudist beaches or areas

  • Switzerland - topless ok and nude hiking ok

  • Ukraine - nudist beaches

  • United Kingdom - topless and nudist legal

  • New Zealand - ok just about anywhere

So that is the green list but as you will see mainly it is still in designated areas or beaches. There is only a handful that allow full nudity just about anywhere so nudists are still restricted a lot. The amber list is very confusing and I will let you read that on their website along with the red countries.

I still find it hard to understand why nudity is such a big issue as we are all nude when we are born and we have to be nude to shower or take a bath so why is nudity still an issue? It seems that in time things do change but will nudity follow on from other issues like racism or sexuality discrimination? Not without pressure from naturists and the governments putting in place an acceptance for nudity to try to get everyone on the planet to understand a realise that it is natural and should not be feared or made to be hidden away

We are basically being discriminated against, we believe that being nude and living life nude is the way we are most happy yet we are not allowed to be this way where ever we want to be …. is that not discrimination? Lets use Vera Playa as an example. There you can get up nude, take a shower and then walk out into the street still nude. You can pop in a restaurant for a breakfast still nude, wander down the street and pick up a newspaper whilst still nude and then head off to the beach to sunbathe and swim nude. At the end of the day you can then head to a restaurant for a lovely meal and then walk home still fully nude, sounds perfect?

Well sort off. You cannot go to the main supermarket nude or even topless. There is a nudist zone with signs to keep you in it or out of it depending on if you are a nudist or not. yet nudity in Spain is ok pretty much anywhere but try walking out of the naturist zone and wait for the abuse to start being hurled your way!

So is there any place where nudity is fully accepted? I had an idea last year that was to raise enough funds to buy an old hospital or similar and convert it to be a full naturist village with shops etc where naturists could live nude everyday but would it work? No. The problem is people want to be able to have family or friends round but they are not comfortable seeing them nude so they wont move there. Then there is the issues of deliveries etc. Try finding a company that would deliver to a nudist village, I think finding a needle in a hay stack would be easier.

And what does it come back to everytime … nudity is just not acceptable yet and probably wont ever be sadly.

Credit to Pour moi for the info and map

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