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One persons action can have long time effect

One person's actions can have a severe effect.

Last weekend I met up with a fellow naturist as he had decided to go for a nude walk. I had been out the day before up the south downs on a walk but decided to go anyway, even if my legs ached already. He picked me up, and we went to Friston Forest at about 5 pm. We expected it to be a little busy, but we knew some forest areas would be quiet.

On arrival, we drove around different locations as there were still many people, and we wanted to be away from all so we could walk without issues. Eventually, we found a quiet part.

We got out of the car and walked clothed into the forest, and after doing around a mile and not seeing a sole, we undressed and continued on fully nude other than I was wearing walking boots. We both had backpacks on and stored our clothing in them.

We had a lovely walk; it was peaceful and warm, sheltered from the wind. We had passed through woodland, just crossed an open area, and were heading towards a path when we heard a cyclist behind us.

Now this is where things suddenly went wrong. As the cyclist rode past us, the conversation went as below.

Rider - evening chaps, a bit cold for it.

Me - not at all

Rider - Fucking wierdos

Rider - you do know its illegal to do that

Me - no, actually, it's not. Would you like a piece of paper showing the laws?

Rider - well, not illegal then, but fucking weird

Me - well, we may think your weird for riding a bike in the woods

Rider - your fucking weirdos

Me - whatever

We carried on walking during this conversation, and I was now a little way from him; I saw he was filming, so I turned around and asked if he wanted a photo and held my arms outwards. He just carried on looking at his phone, and we walked off.

As we walked, we discussed it, and I did not have an issue with this at all and felt sorry for the person for being so ignorant and committing a hate crime, whereas my friend was a little quiet.

Later on, during the walk, my friend went on his phone, and after a few minutes, he showed it to me; there was a video on a Facebook group complete we me fully frontal nude. The video was a little grainy, so it was not overly clear to see my genitals. My friend quickly reported the post and began to explain that the video could cause server issues due to his job, and he was apprehensive about this. I chatted to him and said not to worry, that the video would be gone soon, and that the group was a bit unusual and probably wouldn't be seen by many people. He started to read the comments people had posted, and most were terrible, but some were saying they could not see an issue. I immediately told my friend to stop reading them as it is the worse thing to do, and I never would read them.

We carried on walking, but he covered up as the temperature dropped, but I stayed nude. A short time later, he said the post had gone and felt a little better, but it later turned out the group's admin had removed it, and Facebook had not!

e got back t the car and went home, but since then, my friend has spiralled downhill fast. He had never realised that anybody could film at any point and post online for all to see. Now he won't go on any nude walks at all, there was an organised one during the week, but he dropped out before it as he is so worried now someone may be filming etc.

It had been caused by one ignorant person filming us without permission and posting it online. I have no issues with it and will be walking back in the same forest in the future, hoping to see the person again. If they swear and film me again, I will record it and report it to the police as a hate crime so he can get what he deserves for his simple ways and aggressive manner.

Don't be put off by all of this. It happens occasionally, but being nude whilst hiking is not illegal, so you are doing nothing wrong. Stay calm, walk on, and report it as a hate crime so the individual can be dealt with correctly. If you are worried about walking nude, invest in a cheap body camera and clip it on your rucksack strap.

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