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Naturist swimming returns

Due to Covid the Eastbourne naturist swim club had to cancel all the planned swims but at last, the members of which I am one of are having their first swim in months next Sunday.

Unfortunately, the normal pool at Eastbourne is undergoing repairs so is not open yet so a new location has had to be found and is at Hailsham. The swim members are going to have a swim there to see how the pool is and then if all is acceptable then the naturist swims will be open to all until the end of the year. Anybody that wants to come has to get in touch with the club via social media or the website so they can be checked in as a temporary member.

The pool has a flume but that won't be in action but could be used if booked in advance as it costs the club extra money as well as it needs extra staff on site.

The membership to join the club is £15 and the swim cost is then £5 per swim. There is a mix of male and female members that age from around 30 to 80. It will be good to be able to get naturist swimming back in the area after such a long break and give chance for fellow naturists to be able to chat in the pool, even if it is under the socially distanced amount and covid compliant conditions.

To be able to register to join from November go to either


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