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Naturist foundation so far

Updated: May 28

As the Naturist Foundation is a no-camera site, I have decided to instead write about how this weekend goes here.

Day one (Friday). I arrived at lunchtime as I was able to have the day off work. I pulled up to the gate and waited patiently for the intercom to ring. After being let in, I headed to the main reception and submitted my documents for inspection, as I had not been for over three years. All was fine, and I was sent on my way to the camping meadow and was directed to my pitch.

The field is unchanged; it still slopes downhill, and after a few adjustments, I managed to level the van enough, albeit I have the door opening on the high side.

I set up and sat in the lovely afternoon sunshine. I watched people going about their business and then had a visit from someone who followed me. It was great to meet them, and we had a good chat.

After they went, I sat having something to eat and realised that Donald ducking (just wearing upper body clothing) often happens here. This is where my thoughts on I are challenged as all here are naturists and would indeed not be doing it to show off their genitals, as we are all nude anyway. A lot of people seem to wear a long gown or a long raincoat, which, to me, if it's too cold for them, makes way more sense.

Anyways, so looking at the different types of camping equipment, there are ample, expensive motorhomes with satellite TV and what looks like Starlink. There are smaller day van campers like mine, there are large caravans and all sizes of tents, from small one-person sizes up to large ones.

Everyone seems friendly and respectful of all. The toilet/shower block is clean and tidy, as is the whole site from what I have seen.

The weather for the next two days is rainy on and off, but it is fully booked here so it will get busy soon


I did not follow up with days two and three as I was a bit, well I don't know how to explain it. The second day started off with a cool overcast day with a breeze. This meant that most people was sat in their tents or campervans. Obviously, you did get the odd brave sole like myself that went for a walk to the toilets and back. The only real difference between them and me is I was OK with the temp and walked naked them. Well, all Donald Duckers! I still don't get it; if it's too cold for being nude, don't just cover the top part of your body; cover it all.

Later in the day, the sunshine came out, and more people arrived. The rest of the day was warm and pleasant.


Well, race day arrived. It was a warm, dry sunny day and it was busy. I ventured down to the start area and it was great to see so many nude people there for the event. There was the older generation, families and all the way down to children. All was enjoying the day and the sunshine. I walked around trying to locate people as I had been told that naturists from Twitter was meeting up and I was asked to come along. Well, nobody came over to me. I was a bit surprised but guess it may be that there was so many people there that they did not see me, or they just don't like me nowadays!

The runners set off and I retreated back to my van. I could see them running through the woods from there. I stayed until 3pm and then set off home. It was a great atmosphere and it was great to see so many naturists at ease and relaxed in such a safe environment.

I only meet two people there that follow me on here and on twitter so I was a little disappointed that I had not meet more.

Maybe I will yo to another event and meet more people, or maybe they will just hide away from me again.

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