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Naturist etiquette

So i thought i would do a blog on etiquette. What is etiquette ? Well simply put it is the customary code of polite behavior in society, so for naturists we have different things to textiles.

Firstly when naturists are out and about you will see they carry a towel or a small piece of cloth, this is not encase they get suddenly shy and want to cover there parts or want to make some fancy headgear. They carry it for the reason of if they want to sit some place be it at a restaurant or on a bench then they place it on the surface so they can sit on it. Lets be honest who would want to sit on something that somebodies bare bum etc has been on!

Next is photography. Take this example - we all love to the beach and be nude in the sun and the thought may come over you of "oh, i might take a selfie". Stop at this point an think of who is behind you as you may get a more in your picture than you bargained for. This may be OK to you but the person in the back ground has given you no permission to take their picture and you might pop the picture online and that person is then spotted by a family member etc, etc. You see the problem.

Nudist areas and cameras dont mix and if you want to get that nude picture of you on the beach or at a naturist resort then do it early when it is nobody is about. It is just taking the time to respect that other naturists may not be out and open about this fact and it could cause them serious problems.

Next - staring. So you go to a naturist site or beach and you spot a person that is very beautiful or shall we say well endowed or possibly even have a disfigurement then dont stare! It is rude to stare and more so if the person you are looking at is nude and to them they will feel uncomfortable from this. We all have the same parts and as much as naturists like being nude it is not like if people are staring at you for what ever reason. Just dont do it!

Next is opening your front door. OK so this one is a not followed by all in the naturist world but is worth considering. Take this example, you are indoors nude and the door bell goes. you get up and go to the door. You open the door and there is a delivery person stood there and they are confronted with a naked person just a few feet away. To you this may be fine but think of how they may feel, this could be against there religion or they may not be comfortable around nude people, especially when so up close. You have now made this person feel uneasy and unhappy - is it worth it? Even worse if you open the door nude and find a child stood there that has just came round to ask for their ball back they accidentally kicked over your back fence.

Think of what the consequences could be of opening your door nude, easy answering is just dont do it. cover yourself up in some way even if it is just a towel over yourself.

Lastly lets touch on the subject of sexual activity. No, just no! if you are at any sort of naturist area and you and your partner get the urge to get a little frisky then go to your private room. Doing anything more then holding hands, kissing or having a hug is just not acceptable. Would you do it in public if you was wearing clothes? No, then why would you think it OK just because you are nude. People getting excited as to say rarely happens but on the occasion it does and for example if you are a man and you little friend down below decides to stand to attention then cover it up and leave the public are. go back to you room or tent until it is gone. Nobody want to see that and on that point if you are going to take a picture of yourself nude away from others then dont bother if your little friend down below is stood up. It is not nice and to be honest it is offensive to most people and not anything to due with naturism. If you want to take that sort of picture then get get yourself on a porn site as its not naturism.

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