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My current situation

I thought I would write a little update as I have been here for a while. So this is what is currently going on in my life - I need urgent back surgery!

I started getting a bad back around three months back, and after seeing the chiropractor like normal, he told me I needed an MRI as something had gone wrong. I took this with a pinch of salt and carried on at work. Out of the blue, I started to get sharp pains in my lower spine. I was in agony on this particular day, so I decided to call the doctor, but they were useless as they had no appointments. I jokingly told a work colleague I needed to be signed off work for a month to let it improve, but I was on the floor in agony within an hour. My manager promptly sent me home, and I called the surgery again the next morning. This time I was given an appointment for physiotherapy therapy, but it was two weeks away, so I also got a phone appointment with a doctor in a week.

I had the doctor's call, and after speaking to them, I reluctantly went to the physiotherapy, and as I expected it was a waste of time. I saw the chiropractor again, and he said I needed an MRI, so I called the doctors and was told I would be referred to a specialist, but it would take seven weeks to see them and another three after that to get an MRI. I could not wait as I was in pain, so I paid over £360 for a private MRI, and it was lucky I did. They found my lower five disks have started to collapse and getting close to damaging the spinal column nerve. Also, one has torn a part off and is floating around; another has popped out the side and is lying on the left sciatic nerve. I have now been off work for nearly two months.

I can't stand for longer than a couple of minutes and can't walk more than about twenty feet as it is too painful, i basically lay on my back all day just waiting for surgery.

So what does this all mean? I need urgent surgery, or I will be paralysed from the waist down. I have to look out for pins and needles in my groin, weakness in the left leg, can't control my bowels, if any of that happens, i need to go to A+E immediately as they will only have six hours to save me from being paralysed.

So obviously i can't do any nude walks, bike rides or any other events currently so there will be a drop in video content as i am in no fit state to do any. As soon as the operation is done i will be back to normal so in the meantime i will bring you video blogs of the surgery etc as it happens. I have had to cancel going to Suntreckers Gala rally and also Barewests Barecamp this year. I luckily got a refund from Barewest so if i get fixed i can book for next years events instead.

.... oh, and to top it all off, I am being made redundant in two months, so I also need a new job when I am fixed.

More info soon

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