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Men ... I'm embarrassed to be one at times!

I have read so many times of females feeling harassed by men and as we all know there is so many more male naturists compared to females and it is easy to see why, men at times are just muppets (I wanted to use a more appropriate word but want to stay polite)

So why this post? Well, I was driving along the road in Heathfield and was thinking about why there is more male naturists than females and then I saw a prime example of why. There was a female walking along the pavement and I saw a builders van coming towards me. I watched as the two guys in the van stared at the female as they slowed down and passed her by. First thing I thought was why would they do this? I bet they are either married or have a girlfriend by this still did not stop them from gawping at this female who I am sure did not want the attention.

Maybe I am just odd or have a low testosterone level as I dont see why you would want to leer at a female. I am straight and was married but I have never been into leering at females. I also saw another thing happen during last week that again shows how males are at times just awful. I was waiting in traffic to turn onto A21 in Sussex and saw a female that was walking up the road minding her own business. Now, I will say that personally I was disgusted by what she was wearing and that her parents obviously dont care and should be questioned on her actions - yes she was a school girl on her way to school! To be honest she was dressed like a St Trinians school girl and as she walked along it was possible to see her bum cheeks and was totally inappropriate. I am sure and sure that the females that were passing in their cars was thinking the same as me but the men, well this was a different story. I saw vehicle after vehicle with men in slow down as they gawped at her not caring she was on her way to school. Yes maybe she was wanting the attention but I am sure not from men driving along the road. I saw a couple of vehicles almost run into the one in front as they was not looking at the road.

So what has this to do with naturism? Well when I see men looking and gawping etc at females that are clothed in a public place and making them feel uncomfortable then why would any female want to be nude around any man they dont know? This is why I am at times embarrassed to be male and would rather have been a female when I was born. When men behave this way, dont get me wrong as I know I am not the only male in the world that dont stare at females , I still fell so bad for being male when so many men act so poorly. The issue is that this seems that to have always been a problem and some males think they have the right to do so as they feel they are the ones in charge etc .... and this is so wrong. Things have come along way over the years but if I had been a female then I know I would not feel comfortable walking along clothed by myself in the day time, let alone the evening as some men just feel it is there right and dont care they make the females feel uncomfortable

So I feel this is why so many females feel that being a naturist is not for them no mater how much they may want to be as they feel they will just have men stare at them all the time and some may even feel they have the right to touch etc. I love females and as you know I was married to one and was in love and yes I do still miss her after all this time. The world needs females as much as males and we should all be treated equally but no mater what is done I feel the males of the world that feel they can stare etc have made females to continually feel that they will always be treated this way and I feel it will never change which is so sad

I hope one day, probably not in my lifetime, things will change and there will be more females that become naturists as they feel they can do so without feeling they have eyes staring at them continually. I know for sure that if I am lucky enough to meet a female naturist and get into a relationship with her then I will be always keeping an eye out for men staring at her and will be going over to have a word and correct them on their behaviour

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