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Me and this pandemic

So I am going to do like many others, mention the c-word ..... Coronavirus! I thought I would tell you all how I am personally affected by it and what changes I am making due to it.

I am lucky I would say as I am a key worker so I am still going to work, no I am not a medical person, in fact, I am a mechanic! Ok, so I am not just a normal mechanic in a workshop, the company I work for looks after all the main utilities as well as some ambulance companies which is why I am classed as a key worker and can go to work. The only thing that does come to mind is should I get danger money for this as I am in and out of many vehicles that could easily be carrying the virus.

Now the important stuff - how my naturist lifestyle is affected by it all. In the beginning, we were still going to our weekly naturist swim in Eastbourne. We had a naked bowling event organized in Maidstone, we had naturist walks organized every month and even a sponsored naturist walk event to rais money for the British Heart Foundation. First, the swims stopped and within a few days, the walks were cancelled. This was a big blow to the naturist community as these walks and swims are well attended and to not be able to have any events where we all can socialise was devastating but essential. Next British Naturism postponed all their naturist events until further notice. For BN to pull all events showed the seriousness of it all.

So no organised events and people then getting placed on lockdown meant naturism hall stalled in the UK but a few managed to set up online events and meeting like yoga, cooking etc. This gave people locked in their homes the chance to still connect with other naturists. Brilliant news!

So this meant I was not going on any naturist events and most of the online events fall when I work so that meant nothing for me at all but luckily the British government gave permission to go out once a day for exercise which means I can go out for a daily naturist walk either in the early morning or late evening. So other than being at nude at home this gave me the option to go on naked walks once again and feel the freedom of being outdoors nude. My garden is also a sun trap I still go in nude as much as I can after work.

Now the biggest issue is my upcoming naturist holiday in Vera Playa, Spain. My trip is supposed to be at the end of July but the golden question is will the lockdown be over by then? Well possibly it will but I heard yesterday the airline I am flying with said "if you have a holiday booked in August or September then it probably won't be happening" ..... mine is in July! Today I get an email from them offering me a voucher to reschedule the flight but there is no mention of the flight being cancelled. Hmmm, where does this leave me? I am supposed to be going with a person that has not been there before so I am having to keep them advised as I just don't know.

When will life return to normal, when can I go on naturist events again, will I go on holiday? All questions I can't answer yet but on Sunday there is going to be an announcement from the government on how lockdown will be relaxed, I hope this will be the start of some sort of normality.

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