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Mayfield Naturist Walk

Wednesday 5th May was the day of the Natram naturist walk in Mayfield so I had booked the day off work as it is about 11 miles in length. I had been checking the weather forecast for the last week to see if it was going to be a dry or wet walk. On the day when I got up it was a lovely sunny morning but it was around 5 degrees with a northerly wind but as i stood outside nude in my garden having my morning coffee I decide that I would still go on the walk.

After returning indoors I made myself some lunch and set off to Mayfield. I arrived around 11am as we had an 11.30 start time which was good as the temperature had made its way up to around 8 degrees but now the sky was part cloudy.

I meet up with the group and in total their was 6 of us. Three I already knew but the other two i did not. The walk leader Keith made sure we all knew each others names and we set off out of the carpark and across the playing field.

After around 15 minutes of walking it Keith decided we was far enough out into the countryside that we could strip off. At last the freedom of removing the clothes. the sun was shining down and felt nice on my skin but the wind was giving us a gentle reminder that it was coming from he north and was a tad fresh. We set off happily nude and made our way across the fields passing y hedge rows and enjoying the walk. After a short while we entered the start of a wooded area and came across the ribbons tied in the branches. It is a strange site and i am unsure why they are there. Even though we was in the shade it did not feel cold as the wind was blocked by the trees.

We set off past the ribbons and no sooner had we entered the woods we spotted a couple of people to our left. They seemed to just stay where they was so we turned off to the right on the path and went on our way. We carried on though the open countryside taking in the views and chatting as we walked.

We had to wait a while for another person that was supposed to be in another pod but was running late so we covered up and stood in this quite lane waiting for him. Most wore just shorts but i only wore my long t-shirt as it covers my genitals etc but is easy to take back off. As we stood there a vehicle pulled up across the road to go into a field and when the driver got out he said something along the lines of "you are the nudists then" which gave us all a chuckle. So from what we presume he must have thought just because people had no tops on that made them nudists. After a little while the guy arrived and we set off for about 15 minutes of walking the weather seemed to get a little windier and then the cloud started to form more and more and sure enough the first few drops of rain fell. We all carried on regardless and tried to ignore this but as the northerly wind became stronger the light rain became hail. Ok, so now it was chilly and we all picked up the pace a little but stayed cheerful.

We arrived at out lunch stop and found a little sheltered area at the edge of some woodlands but still in the sunshine. We sat and had or food and I climbed through to a lovely little stream and did some more video blogging. After we had all finished we set off again through the woodland enjoying the shelter from the wind. We came across a lady with two dogs but she stopped further up the track and called the dogs back to her. We waited for her to go and whilst doing so took an opportunity to grab a quick picture on a bridge

We set off once again and made our way along the route and had to avoid some very muddy paths next to a lake which was interesting to say the least but as we passed that and carried on we emerged into sunshine again and arrived at the next wooded area where there is these towers which i suspect are possibly used for hunting. This obviously was a good chance for a picture or two

As we walked on out of the woodland we got into lovely open countryside and walked up through the open fields happily in the sunshine. Sometimes the wind would give us a little chilly breeze but this did not stop us being happy. As we wandered through a field near a farm we stumbled upon a collection of American puck up trucks in various states. Most seemed to have been partly stripped but we could not figure out why someone would have just left them in the middle of nowhere

We left there still puzzled about them and to be honest oi would love to have taken the black one home with me. Our walk then went through some open fields and this was really cold. I did consider at that point to cover up but sheer determination to stay nude over powered the thought and i persevered through the cold until we entered a wood again but this one had a lovely surprise in it for us. Bluebells every where. They looked lovely

It was so nice to see this sea of colour in he woodland and it was a shame we had to leave which them posed a new problem. In our happiness of the bluebells we managed to walk straight past the exit into the next field and we found ourselves in a corner looking over a fence only to see the next pod walk up on the correct side. We stood and chuckled as Keith asked them about where the exit was but as he did we saw that a couple of people walking a dog had came up behind us. We stood and watched as they passed by and went out a gap in the fence literally 20 feet from us. this did not help us with our chuckling and it soon turned into laughter as we must have looked a right daft bunch stood in a corner like a load of stuck sheep only feet away from an exit.

We exited and made our way on across another open field as quickly as possible so we could get into more woodland. By this time i could feel the blisters starting to form on my feet and the cold wind just starting to give me a headache. I simply looked down and my naked body and decided it was worth it as i was nude in the country enjoying a great walk with great people. We decided to stop for a last break as the clouds looked like they wanted to unleash a biblical downpour in the direction we was heading. We managed to find a little area to go down into in the middle of a small wooded area. it looked almost like an old creator made by a bomb from wartimes. We sat there drinking and eating and i had to just lay my t-shirt over my back and shoulders as where I had removed my backpack i was feeling the wind. When we set off we had not got much more to go until we got back to Mayfield so we made the most of this time and too in the countryside that we are so lucky to be able to go walking in.

as we approached Mayfield we stopped about 10 minutes away and got dressed again, this is the part we all hate as it is the end of our naked walk. The feeling of putting on clothes after such a nice walk is bad but it has to be done as I am sure if we was to stay nude and walk the streets of the village it would cause a lot of issues.

We all made our way back to the carpark and went our separate ways home. One thing was for sure, that we would all see each other again at some point on the future walks during the year.

Thankyou to all that was on the walk in our pod, thankyou to Keith for guiding us and not getting us lost and a final thankyou to Natram and all the people involved in doing recces and organising the walks.

next walk is over a month but I am already looking forward to it

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I also like being naked. In my country naked in public is impolite. So I'm naked only when I work in my room, take a shower and sleep.

It's nice to be able to walk with friends in the open in a naked state ha ha ha

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