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Mayfield naturist walk

This week was my first opportunity to go out on a naturist walk with the fellow members of Natram/Stark trekkers naturist walking group. We had all been informed before the day that we would be going in groups of six which they called a pod. I was put in pod 1 which meant we would be the first to leave.

I drove to the designated start point in Mayfield village and at the due time our pod set off. We only had five walkers in our pod as we had had someone not turn up but this was fine and as we set off we began to chat and learn everyone's name, well everyone else did but i am terrible at remembering names. THe sun was up and the sky part cloudy and as we set off along the first path still clothed we arrived at the point we would normally get nude but seemed to soon realise that other walkers and families was out so we decided to head into the first wooded area before getting nude.

When we arrived in the woods our pod leader had one of those moments of releasing he could not tell where the footpath was we needed to take. we was going to get nude whilst he worked out where we was but at that point we saw a lone female so decided to wait until we was clear of her.

Well after 10 mins of walking around in circles i pulled out my mobile phone and checked on the gps which path we should take and after removing our clothes we set off on the correct path and exited the woods into at lovely clearing.

we carried on through the field and as we exited into another there was a couple sat to the left hand side. The gentleman bellowed "what do you think you are doing, this is a public footpath". Oh great, here we go, another person going to give us an ear bashing. we tried to explain what we was doing is legal and we was doing nothing wrong and then he came out with the usual line " there are children that use this path, it should be illegal" and at this point i had to restrain myself from letting rip with a barrage of things at him. Why do people always try to use children as an excuse for them not liking it, most children would not be bothered at all but the adults always feel that naturists are in some way perverted when this is not the case at all, grrr ..... it makes me so angry that people still have this backwards unfounded belief of naturists and it is time people woke up and accepted us for what we are, people like then that just prefer not to have clothes on!

Anyway, where was i. Oh yes the walk. We passed through a few different fields and woodland and at some point during this time i managed to twist my knee badly but still carried on with the walk.

We stopped at what i thought was our only rest stop and we all sat and had our food.

So after lunch we continued through open fields, woodlands, along tracks until we came towards a farm. The pod leader said normally they cover up but would we want to stay nude and we agreed we did, turns out his was a mistake. As we walked up to the farm there seemed to be a lot of abandoned vehicles in the woods to the side which should have raised suspicion but we carried on. as we got nearer two little dogs came out from a field to greet us with their barks. we carried on and a guy came out the field and was calling the dogs, he seemed to totally ignore us which is not uncommon.

We followed the public footpath through the farmyard and into a field and i noticed a female stood up a bank slightly watching us and it seemed she was filming us on her phone. We took no notice and carried on through the field and as we approached the end a 4x4 came flying across he field and stopped in front of us. The guy in it asked what we was doing and we explained that we was on a walk. the guy was ok but asked when we pass through their private property could we stay cover as they have a lot of people working and some are young. I saw no problem with this and began to cover up but some of our pod began to spout the law and that they would cover up even though there was no need to. I wondered if this was because the first person had annoyed us all a little but the more they carried on the more the guy was getting annoyed so when he said he did not know the law as he had never bothered to check i said " it is not really the sort of thing you pop on google to check" hoping it would ease things and he did chuckle and agree. Luckily it seemed to diffuse he situation and he drove off. Sometimes it is about using you common sense and realising when to try to discuss it with someone and when to just do as they ask and make you way off and undress a little further on. I felt this was the time to walk on as he did not look the type that would have a sensible debate over it.

We made our way across he next field and could see another pod a little further on. we carried on in the lovely weather as the sun played hide and seek behind the clouds, the weather was very warm with very little breeze. We kind of decided that when we approached a house or a farm area from then on we would cover up as it seemed that every textile person was looking to have a go at us. A little further on we covered up and passed through some farm buildings and did not see anybody so once we was around the corner and out of sight from any buildings we all undressed and had a couple of minutes rest and a drink. As we stood there a guy came around the corner with a woman and he shouted to us asking where we lived. One of the pod members replied that we lived in various places and did he live at the farm. je told us he did and one of the pod members said he was very lucky. The guy then told us a lady wanted to walk up the track we was stood at! how odd, why was we being told this? we was off to one side and there was plenty of room to pass us at a distance. I saw the guys finger on his right hand flicking like what i have seen people do before they fight and i started to move onwards just as the pod leader suggested we did. we walked up the track and as we neared the top we could see the woman now walking up the track as well but alone.

The question was raised that had the previous farm called the local ones to say we was out walking about nude? who knows, but it did seem a real possibility. This did put a but of a downer on the pod members and i mus admit i did not do anymore filming as was wondering as we walked what wold happen next, would there be a group of them waiting for us?

As it turned out we did not see anybody else other than other pods as there was 6 pods in total with between two and five people in. It was a lovey walk but did nor realise beforehand it was going to be a 12 mile walk and if i had of done i would have saved some food and drink for the second stop.

It has not put me off naturist walks in anyway, it was an odd walk and the most people objecting to us being nude i have ever encountered. Maybe it is because everybody is still a little on edge over covid as well as more people still not back at work so meaning more people are now finding the countryside once again.

Sadly i can't have anymore time off now from work until the new year so i will miss the rest of the walks this year but i may look into joining the suntreckers naturist camping group in the uk as i have a camper van and that does appeal to me

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