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Its all going wrong!

Hey all, a quick update.

So yesterday tuned out to be a disaster day. The evening before my son tested positive for good old Covid but I was negative. I got up yesterday as normal and as it is already getting darker in the mornings I walked out to the van nude and set off to work.

I arrived early and actually walked from the van into work nude as the yard was empty. I got ready for work and then popped out to the local supermarket and got some Covid tests for my son. All was fine at work and I was extremally busy as I was prepping two lorries for MOT test today. Around lunchtime I notice i had become sniffly so did a Covid test - positive result!

I was sent home for 5 days and thought it was not to bad other than the lorries will miss the MOT slots. When I got home I sat with my son and felt ok so we ordered takeaway and told the delivery guy to leave it on the doorstep. Food arrived and we sat munching through our KFC and then suddenly I found a hard bit and picked it out my mouth thinking it was a small bit of bone. Nope, it was half a tooth! So now I have Covid and a broken tooth that hurts and cant do a thing about it for another four days.

It is annoying as this week is the first of the naked swims with East Sussex Naturists in Seaford and sadly I cant attend. I had also began to set up a naked walk for the weekend and was inviting people but now that is out of the question and I have cancelled it. I now need to find a dentist as I have not been for ten years.

On a positive note. I posted on BN's website asking if i was too old for NKD festival and the answer was yes but i had a message from Mark Walsh saying that there will be an announcement shortly as NKD and Nudefest are not the only festival events they have planned this year so that could be good news as i can go to more next year.

I only have one more organised nude walk to go on in November so i will try to get out solo to some new locations. Winter months are approaching fast and naturist events drop off due to the weather but I will try to do any i can find ... once the Covid goes!

As most of you know i closed down my Patreon as I fell out with them again due to new restrictions suddenly added and I did not feel it fair to get people to pay for not a loot on there so its gone. Luckily the website etc are paid for until next year which is just as well as money is tighter now and there is less cash to fund this sort of thing

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