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Is single male discrimination justified ?

I was going to write this blog about how I was just discriminated against for being single, but after recent events, I have decided to do it from a slightly different angle.

So I will tell you the back story. I am doing two naturist walks five days apart, but both are over 100 miles from my home but within forty miles of each other. I then had a choice: Do I miss the walks or try to find a naturist campsite to stay at for the duration, so I don't have to make a two-hundred-plus trip home and back in between? I decided to look around and see if I could find a naturist campsite. I located five in the area - Dilly Dallies, St Annes Cottage, Avonvale, Valerian Sun Club and South Western Outdoor Club.

So I started pinging out emails to them and got the following responses.

St Annes Cottage - closed permanently

Avonvale - members only

Valerian Sun Club was too expensive to get there as it is on the Isle of Wight.

South Western Outdoor Club - happy to have me, and very cheap!

Dilly Dallies - couples only!

Ok, Dilly Dallies is couples only? So single people at not allowed at all. Well, this got me annoyed as it seemed crazy as there is plenty of single men and woman naturists out there, and they don't want them so happily turn away money. So this got me thinking that this is just a way to say no to single men; as we all know, this still goes on even though BN say that their affiliated clubs should not do this after they also used not to allow single males to join BN, which was discrimination. I sat there annoyed about this as I thought they probably would have let me go there still if I had been a single woman.

Instead, I booked South West Outdoor Club but was still annoyed at Dilly Dallies and was all set to email a complaint to them when something on Facebook stopped me.

I started two groups there recently. Naturist walking events ( )and Artistic Nude photography locations ( ). I have to admit each member, so I checked for people just there for the wrong reason and thought I had done well, but I started to get messages from the women members. It turned out that a few of the male members were messaging the women and sending dick pics. OMG, I was shocked, as I never thought anyone would be sick enough to dm a woman with a picture of their dick. I had to go through and ban so many men from the group, and this is where the issue is - they were all single men.

So this is why I then started to wonder that there may be a genuine reason to discriminate against single males, as it seems that so many are so desperate to get attention from women that they feel the best way is to send pictures of their dick. The issue is that not all of us single men are like that, so how do we differentiate between them and those who are not?

Well, I don't know, but I do feel that there needs to be some system in place for the protection of single or married women. The way I check all men that ask to join is I check what other groups they are in, and if there are things like swingers or exhibitionists, then they get rejected; I also have questions like, do you agree to the rules and do you agree not to send dm's without first asking the person you want to send them to in public in the group. The issue is they agree and lie, and also, there should not be the need for questions as everyone should be kind and courteous, but sadly, some men still don't see what their actions do to a woman. I don't know the answer to the issue, as some men will always be that way and will always send dick pics to women.

This also shows why there is more men naturist compared to the amount of woman as they are probably too worried that they will get some form of abuse like dick pics being sent or vulgar messages or even as far as rape. I would love for all women to feel safe, but I fear this will never be the case, as some men are just mentally sick and cannot see how damaging their actions are.

So in some cases, sadly, discriminating against men is still needed so that women are safe, and I agree with this and can see why Dilly Dallies say couples only.

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There was a strong opinion that naturism is about rest without clothes. That is why men come to naturist campsites for sexual entertainment. If naturism, according to its definition, was more about working naked in defense of nature, fewer sexually preoccupied people would come into the movement.

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