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Inversion tables

This is possibly one of he best things I have bought myself in a long time. I sufferer from a bad back and have done since I was 17 after an incident. I was at work and saw a trainee locking for something in a bench cupboard but on top was an engine which I could see was wobbling. I ran across and kicked him out of he way as the engine toppled over and was going to land on him. I caught the engine and lifted it back onto the bench but that damaged the third vertebrae and I have had issues ever since.

I have to see a chiropractor regularly to stop it from causing me issues but I was told recently about inversion tables so I bought one. For me, it is working great. if I get a twinge in my back I pop on there, tip over for about 5 mins and then pop back upright and afterwards my back is fine. I have done a little video showing this so you can see how safe and easy they are to use

Mine is a cheap one but still has the safety strap and shoulder bars incase my feet manage to slip though the bars. It can be folded away so it can be stored out of site. I would recommend these to all that have back issues as they are easy and safe to use if you do it correctly. The theory is, I believe , that when you are suspended by your feet your head then pulls on the spine to straighten it and this in turn helps posture and the spine align properly

I cant wait for the summer to come so I can move it to the garden and pop upside down in the sunshine.

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