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I'm confused ....

So often things in life are confusing but recently I have noticed two things that I have seen naturists do and I have to question why as they seem to me to give out a very negative impression.

So on the last two nude walks, and some last year, I have spotted a new trend in some of the walkers. When it is too chilly for them to walk nude they take off their lower garments so their genitals and legs are out but that is all. So in my mind, I ask why are they doing this, if it is too cold to walk nude then why walk half nude showing your genitals? All this does is give the impression they are wanting to show their genitals and are not interested in naturism. Imagine walking towards them and seeing them wearing a coat but nothing from the waist down!

I feel this gives of the wrong impression of naturism - if it is too cold to walk fully nude then stay clothed until it is warm enough to be fully nude, don't do this nude from the waist down as it is not good for naturism as a whole!

Now the second is much worse in my eyes. When out nude and walking with a group in the countryside think about what you say before just saying it. Last year I was out on a nude walk with a group and I was falling behind as I was filming but as I was getting nearer to the back of the group I could hear the discussion the two people at the back were having. They were discussing where in the area the best dogging areas were! OMG, really? say I had been a textile member of the public walking up behind them and heard two nude males discussing this in public? Positive naturist impression .... not in the slightest. Any other person hearing that discussion in from two nude males would have probably been very worried and felt unsafe .

The second happened on one of the nude walks I have done in the last couple of weeks and is seriously wrong. I was walking along in the middle of the group when I heard one of the walkers start telling a story about masturbation. I decided to drop back as I felt this was not the sort of thing to be discussing in an open place for obvious reasons. Well, the story then got a lot worse as they began to describe the people that were involved as brother and sister. That is where I draw the line as that is illegal and totally unacceptable. I don't care if the story was real or not but to be blatantly telling all about it was out of order. I did not want to hear that at all and dropped back from the main group. Say a member of the general public was within hearing range and overheard that. I was utterly shocked and disgusted by this. Absolutely the wrong thing to discuss at all, let alone in a public place.

I am seriously considering whether to walk again with this group or not as I just feel that it is becoming something I don't really want to be a part of. Why cant people use common sense and think before they say things, this is why I normally don't say much when I am out and about as you have to be careful.

All the things above do not help naturists get accepted in public places and have an extremely negative effect. Another thing is people not covering up fully when needed. We have a rule that if we see a family with children approaching then we cover-up, the same for when new need to cross a busy road or close to a house etc but I have seen many times already this year people that feel it is ok to wear a coat and try to pull it down over their genitals. This doesn't work! Al that happens is bits are left poking out the bottom and on the show but look like it is intentionally being done. Last year the club put out comms that long t-shirts like what I used to wear were not acceptable and were not to be worn so I purchased some shorts to modify to make them pop open. This now seems to be not applicable as people are just wearing what they want regardless if they are adequately covered or not.

Maybe I am just being cynical but I feel that there are starting to be clear issues and maybe a naturist rule book needs to be formed so all know what is acceptable as a naturist and will give a positive impression and also what will not.

Not a good start to the year for naturism !!!!

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Jun 16, 2022

Totally agree . nude means nude , otherwise it suggests there’s a problem , which there isn’t . And for sure discussing dogging not good .

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