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Hastings Board Game Museum Event

A while back, I saw an event come onto the NothingOnEvents website for an evening at a board game museum in Hastings, and even though I am not a board game person, I thought it would be an interesting event, so I bought a ticket. I contacted NOE and asked if I could film and vlog it the same as I did at the i360 event, and it was agreed.

So the evening was Friday 19th May, and I arrived outside the event around 30 mins early as normal. Other naturists began to arrive, and it was not long until I realised all, bar one, was members of East Sussex Naturists, of which I am the membership secretary.

We all went inside, and there were hundreds of games on display

In total, nine of us attended even though more tickets had been sold. I made it clear that I was there just for the atmosphere and to film it as having Aspergers means I find it hard to play games without getting frustrated and confused. This meant it was a perfect split, and the two teams of four were formed.

The first game was Mr Lister's Quiz shootout

The object of this game is to win cards and collect fake drinks on the reverse. The first team to collect five different drinks wins. The teams battled long and hard on this until one team became the winner. It was enjoyed so much that a second round of it was played, but just as the teams levelled on four cards each, the food was brought out.

I had a Chicken with bbq sauce panini, and it was delicious. It had been made onsite in their kitchen. All enjoyed the food, and the game resumed, and the same team won again even though they were a member down who had to leave early due to the train strike.

The next game was Cheese Thief.

The game is a little more difficult and takes some time to get used to. The aim of the game is that all players get a card, a die and a cup, and through their and other player's actions, they try to work out the player that is the cheese thief. It was interesting to watch and see how it could to work out who took the cheese, as the players had their eyes closed for most of the game. They had three rounds, and the thief was not discovered each time.

The final game was Yogi

This game is hilarious. Think of yoga but having to do what a card tells you. On a turn, a player reveals the top card from the deck. If the card is red, the player must place or hold the card somewhere on their body as directed by the card; if the card is green, the card itself can stay on the table, but the player must do whatever is specified on the card, such as keeping one thumb on your chin or having your hands touch. Watching them try to balance cards on their upper body whilst holding certain positions with their body was hilarious. Everyone laughed as the cards began to topple from them until a winner emerged whilst still in a funny, twisted pose.

All that attended enjoyed the evening. The food is great, the guys that run it are great, and there is so much to see and play there. It is well worth a visit if you are in the Hastings area. Yet another great event from Nothing On Events; thanks to them and the guys at the Board Game Museum for a great evening of fun.

I will post a video on here of it all.

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