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Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Well I expect the title got your attention quickly, but seriously I was asked last week about this topic so thought I would do a post on it.

I had a person email me and asked about what happens when this male issue comes on and how is it dealt with, Well I can assure you I have not had this issue ever as a naturist and cannot really understand why this would even be an issue.

If you are getting an erection then clearly you are sexually aroused and the question then must turn to why. If you are getting this way then you must be thinking something inappropriate.

Naturism has nothing to do with erections and as many would agree on Twitter that anybody who posts a picture of themself on there with one is clearly not understanding what a naturist is and how to behave. This might sound like a bit of a rant and it is not supposed to but the issue of people getting erections at naturist events does not exist as far as I have seen and if it does hen the person that has an erection clearly needs to leave as they are getting some sexual kick from seeing others nude.

Take the picture below as my example. I was unsure if I should pop it on Flickr as it looks like I was semi erect, this was not the case. I was simply walking forward as I took the picture and it flicked up and forward. This happens when a male walks nude

If for example I was fully erect and stood still then that would be a different case as it would be clear I was aroused in some way and was erect due to this. There is no place for erections in naturism and a person that gets them in a naturist situation should be banished from the naturist community

Maybe the issue is that people still seem to think there is a connection between naturism and sex, maybe they think when we go to a naturist event like camping that we all have a big orgy or something in the evening. Well sorry to tell you this - it dont happen!

I think one issue is Cad D' Adge. This place calls itself a naturist village but everyone knows that on the beach, regardless of the law, anything goes and this is having a negative impact on naturism. For those that disagree and say the place is not like that then I suggest you type "cap d'adge sexual" into your web browser and read up on it. Any place that allows this type of behavior to go on needs to be closed down as a nudist resort as it is probably one of the most damaging things to naturism and just helps add fuel to the fire for the people that believe nudists = sex

Lets be honest, we all at sometime in our life have a partner and get aroused but the majority of people do this in their home. We all also have sex at some point in our lifetime and most people have a kink, I am no exception, but that is for the bedroom or in the home and is defiantly not for a public place or at a naturist resort etc.

Also I was out on a naturist walk back in the summer and overheard two of the group talking. The topic they was on about was where the best swinging places was in the area! I was taken aback by this conversation as this is notnthe sort of thing you discuss openly at any outdoor event. Like I say, we all have kinks bit there is a time and a place for that sort of conversation. Say for example someone that was there for their first naturist event or walk and overheard this - would this give a good impression of naturist and naturism? I think not, let alone if a textile walker was near and heard it. And by the way, these was older walkers and not youngsters.

So, the answer I gave to the person is pretty much as I have put above. If you are getting erect at a naturist event etc then clearly you are aroused and perhaps leaving and never returning is the answer.

Oh and just as confirmation, this is an explanation on why erectuons happenas they don't just do it for no reason

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I find an erection notning wrong , it can happen or we it need or not .

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