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Don't lie to me!

Yesterday I got a email from a chap that wanted my help. He was a "naturist" as he put it and his wife was also but she had had a bad experience fron someone that was also a naturist at some point.

He explained that he was hoping I would be happy to meet and explain in depth all about the naturist lifestyle. We would all be nude and he thought his would help his wife to get used to being around other nude men. He said she was wanting to do this as well.

Well you all know me by now and that if someone asks me for help if information on naturism then I am happy to help if I can so I replied that I would help them and I was happy to travel to their house which is about 30 miles from me.

The email exchange went back and forth between us and he was asking about naturism etc and my walks. I said I did not want any money to come over and see them but they offered me food and drink which I thought was nice.

Then the next email set off the alarm bells in my head. He asked if I would be OK with a massage exchange. At this point I suspected they was swingers but thought I would play along and see if this went how I thought it would. The next email from them was "is it OK to touch you all over including your genitals?". Well, suspicion was confirmed but out of interest I played along to see if the tone would change from naturism to swinging.

I said it would be OK but as all know already I don't touch other people so would not be touching them at all. They then requested to watch me piss and i nearly went in to rage mode but I held off and keep this going. I agreed and wanted to see where they would go next and I was not surprised when they replied that they wanted to hold my penis whilst we talked about naturism. They was still asking questions like do I drive nude and what walks do I go on, etc.

By this time my replies was getting shorter and shorter as I was losing patience with them and then the last email came through from them asking if I was OK with them masturbating me whilst we chatted! That was it, time to block them and tell them what I thought so my reply was " I feel you are not naturists but are actually swingers. That is not naturism !!!!"

Then I promptly blocked their email.

This is the first instance that I have had where someone has contacted me directly via my website and pretend to be a naturist but had other intentions.

I freely help anyone that is genuinely interested in naturism. There is no need to pretend to be a naturist if you are not, if they had just emailed me from the start and said they was part time naturists but was interested in swinging with me I could have saved a lot of time and hassle by explaining from the start that I am not a swinging, I am a naturist and that naturism has nothing to do with swinging.

I was so annoyed that I had a couple trying to get me over there for a sexual reason. Still the world seems to see us naturists as something sexual and this needs to be addressed and should be told publicly by all.

I have not posted the email conversation here as even though they really annoyed me I don't feel it is OK to publish private emails for all to see. Perhaps others will think twice about this and will do the same.

Possibly by coincidence my Patron account has been suspended as someone reported it for breaking their guidelines as due to my content being nude I am not allowed to offer direct messaging to people about naturism. I have my suspicions I know who may have done it but I won't point no fingers.

So now I get no financial support to run this website and pay for equipment or software to do the photos or videos. If you was a patreon supporter and want to still support me financially then drop me a message.

Best wishes to all


The Flying Naturist

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Re you post "Don't lie to me" - it is such a pity that there are people out there who want to exploit others under the guise of being a true naturist. It is however, I suspect, something that will ever be totally eradicated - it is the way of the world that users of the web will exploit the good nature of others. As you said you were happy to help someone out, at your own expense, and yet they strung you along when all they had in mind, I assume, was to abuse your kindness. It is good though that you could see through their deception. Hope this does not put you off helping others, as it w…

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