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Christmas, Covid, nudity, etc

Happy Christmas and new year to you all.

I sit here nude today as we now are in tier 4 restrictions where I live. This now means there is very restricted travel, no meeting friends indoors or outside, etc. I will still be going to work as I am a key worker so at least I get out and about. Whilst life is difficult currently we have to all accept that these sacrifices are needed for the health of all people and by doing our part by following the rules, wearing masks, etc we will save more lives.

So this as well as the cold winter weather has made doing naturist videos and pictures out and about impossible but still I do what I can. Today I have uploaded a new video about how I drive nude to work - filmed in 4k. It was available to my Patreon supporters a couple of days back and they can also download a copy to keep (check out my Patreon account for details)

I have now made and sell the new global naturist logo on this website in the store. I proudly have one on the back of my car as well as in my window at the front of my house, I am a naturist and I am proud to show that with the stickers. I want to expand more on being nude and talking to others about why I am more comfortable nude. I go on zoom and Skype meetings now and freely speak up about this. I chat to my Patreon supporters as well on various messenger services etc whilst nude about any topic they wish to discuss.

I am still trying to be nude more of the time. Just this morning I had to get something out of my car that I had left in it so even though it was only 5 degrees celsius I walked out to the car fully nude and got it out. I had no clothing on at all - not even footwear. Lots of homes overlook the area where I park my car yet I did not worry as I am a naturist and I am just living my life that way.

Due to the new tier 4, we have had to cancel the nude swims and yoga yet again. This is painful to do but we have to for the safety of ourselves and others. Naturism as well as many other things have been hit hard by its pandemic, but it won't be forever, and we will hopefully have a better year in 2021. The only way it could get worse is if we get visited by aliens which with all the strange things going on is a strong possibility yet I just see that as another new group that could learn about naturism!

I will continue to keep this website going even though the costs are rising and I will continue to spread the word on naturism and bring you all the things that I do in my naturist lifestyle.

Stay well and be kind to one another

Best wishes

Nick (Flying Naturist)

Me nude on my Ikea chair

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Dec 26, 2020

You look great! Fantastic photo. Stay nude and proud. DJ

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