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Can a naturist date a non-naturist?

Updated: Jan 14

Being single, I have often thought about this subject, can a naturist have a non-naturist partner? Would being nude at home cause issues, or can it work?

I have done some research and can confidently say it can, but it is not without issues or compromises. I always thought that if I got involved with a non-naturist partner, it would be too awkward as I would want to be nude around the home and she would not, so either I would need to be clothed or only naked if she was out, which to me is not my lifestyle.

But it turns out that some partners are okay with you being nude when they are about. I have heard from a few who have said that they are okay to be naked around the home, but their partner is not but has no issues. It seems to depend a lot on the partner, though, as some are not willing to be at home with a nude partner, so you will be okay with them going to nudist beaches or on naked walks, etc., but don't want to have it indoors.

Others will sometimes be okay being nude at home but won't go out to a nude event or beach and be naked. They will, however, go with them but be clothed, which is a great compromise. Being a naturist still and having a supportive partner who will go to nude places with them is good as they can be themselves with their partner.

When I look back to my old relationship with my ex-wife, it was a case of me being able to go nude indoors, and she would too sometimes, but she would not be nude outside the home, so I had to go to the beach or WNBR's by myself which was a bit disappointing but at least I could go still. I am unsure, though, if that played a part in the divorce, as she was never over-happy with me being nude in public. I would even be nude when the sister-in-law brought our son back, and I would take him from her without getting clothes, and she had no issue with this. But I am not convinced that the ex-wife had a problem with me being nude around the home when people came to the house or when I went nude in public, and I feel that if she had sat and told me that, I could have discussed it with her and see if there was a way to work it out.

I feel being open with a new partner and getting their honest opinion from the start is vital if they are not comfortable with it, then if like myself, you could not give up your lifestyle of being nude, there would be no future.

So yes, it is possible to have a non-naturist partner, but possibly some compromises will have to be made, whereas having a natursit partner from the start is still clearly the best way but the most difficult to happen.

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