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Brighton World Naked Bike Ride

I thought I would share my vision of the Brighton ride.

I arrived on site at Preston Park at 07.30 with the medic on his motorcycle and we decided where to park and where roughly the enclosure would be. We awaited the arrival of the other helpers and after a while we unloaded my van as it was used as the transport vehicle for all the equipment for the ride.

We worked on erecting the enclosure and after a couple of hours it was all set and after doing a few more things to help out it passed 12.00 and my clothes came off. I spent the time until the ride set off patrolling the perimeter of the enclosure making sure photographers was unable to take their photos of people inside getting ready to ride. Only ride participants with a bike was allowed inside. We had also erected a secondary enclosure inside just for females to get ready in just in case they wanted that extra bit of privacy.

Eventually the time came to set off and I made my way to the pathway where all the riders was to come along so I could do a flyby filming of the riders so we could get an accurate head count. When I did the head count it was 407 riders, 370 was male and 37 female - an exact 10%. So as we made our way down the first part of the route on the road, I as a marshal had my first thing to deal with - an ambulance coming up from behind with blue lights and sirens on. I quickly made all go the the left hand side so the ambulance could pass through safely. We carried on and made our way towards the seafront. All seemed happy cycling along the route and most, like myself, was fully nude.

As we got to the roundabout at the pier I could see a crowd had gathered and we passed by as they cheered us on. We had a lot of support going along the seafront and nobody seemed to be annoyed by us.

We made our way along to our stop on the seafront at Hove lawns. Normally this is the first stop but we only planned to have one this year as the stop at the Old Steine attracts a lot of photographers and does get a little uncomeatable. We had around a 30mins stop and enjoyed being out of the strong headwind we had whilst going along the seafront. At the end of he stop we all set off but i was left to make sue all the stragglers had got away. We set off a short distance into the head wind again before turning left and cutting up through to what become Western road. We traveled along it past all the shops and shoppers and as usual we got a warm welcome from them with cheers, clapping and cars tooting in support of us.

We then went down towards the clock tower but this year we put a little surprise in the ride in the way of a route change. We turned right into West street and headed down towards the seafront before doubling back and going into the Lanes area. Again people cheered us on and we headed down towards London road and then passing he Royal Pavilion

We went along for a while before turning up a side street but for some reason we had to wait there for a few minutes, the street was filled with nude bike riders!

We headed along through the North Lanes before reappearing at the Old Steine and making our way up St James street into Kemptown. The ride was now nearing its end but that street has a huge incline and my legs felt the burn bad. I carried on and before you knew it we was dropping down onto Marine Parade. We made a right turn and dropped into the road down Dukes Mound and onto Madera Drive.

After a short ride along there it was aright over the Volks railway onto the nudist beach for a quick skinny dip. I did not get to the beach as I had stopped in the entrance way and had to about turn and head back to the start of the ride along another organiser as our vehicles were still there. Whilst I was on the ride another one of the organizers had loaded the equipment into my van so we got back to them I then had to drive back to the finish at the beach to collect the flags etc. Then to finish of my day I had to take all the equipment to Brighton Bike Hut and store it all away. When my van had been reloaded and all the rubbish picked up from the field a set of keys and a pair of trousers that also contained a set of keys had been found. I took them all the the bike hut and as I finished storing the equipment away a guy pulled up on a bike outside and asked if I was to do with the place. It turned out to be Adam from Nothing On Events and the set of keys found was his car keys. Luckily I was able to reunite him with them so his family and him could get home.

The day was long and it turned out i got a bad amount of sun burn to my back but it was such a great feeling when i looked u he road to see all the nude riders in front of me and thought that if the other organisers and myself had not had done it the none of them would be there. I had a great feeling that I had actually done something positive and achieved a great result.

Looking forward to the Cuckoo ride on July 2nd and to next years Brighton WNBR

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