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BHF Naked Heart Walk

So then, yesterday was the first-ever Naked Heart Walk at Painshill in Surrey. It was the idea of three people from East Sussex Naturists. They put forward the idea to BN after getting the backing of the British Heart Foundation to do this even as a charity walk to raise funds for them.

Well, I arrived at around 3.30 pm as I was a volunteer helper and had been tasked to help set up a marque but this had not been brought so for the first couple of hours I chatted to a few people and had to fill out the necessary paperwork, etc.

We were given the go-ahead at 5.30 pm to be nude in the park but I had a job to do at this time. I had to go and stand at the entrance bridge and welcome people to the park and send them in the direction of the check-in point. I made my way out there and promptly stripped off, standing naked in the sunshine to greet people and hopefully not put them off from the sight of me stood there!

A few people began to arrive but I also realized a few members of the general public were still leaving the park and they were not expecting to walk out the exit and find a naked man stood there. Saying that nobody said anything bad and a few said it was good and one told me to be careful not to get my sausage burnt in the sunshine.

More and more people arrived. Some were a bit quiet and just wanted directions whereas others were wanting to stand and chat which I was happy to do.

At one point a couple of ladies began to walk across the bridge and seemed very bubbly and happy. I had been joined by another chap out there to help seee in the increasing flow of people. I could hear them say about us being nude as they spotted us and it sounded like they thought it was good so i raised both hands in hte air and began franticly waving at them to which they did the same. They went on to say about us stood there and what a fine pair of men we was, i looked behind me and said "where?" This was great as it showed the event was going to be fun as well as raise money for charity.

At 7pm we went inside and watched as the walkers left the start line. My next task was to be a sweeper at back of the walk making sure that nobody was left behind and to collect the way pointer flags and the marshalls on the course. I had the 5K route to do. We set off at 7.15pm and had a lovely walk through the park taking in the lovely views. It did not take us long and we were back just after 8 pm and all done. everybody sat and enjoyed there BBQ and was having a good time.

It was great to see so many people taking part - not just naturists but textile people that thought they would give it a go nude!

Around 8.45pm i slipped off as i had to get back to my son. I happily walked nude out to the carpark with my friend and after having a look at his rattely window on his car i went back to mine, got in and drove off nude. I stayed this way until i got to Pease Potage Services on the A23 wher i had to get dresses as i had prommised myself a lovley Burger King for tea. After going in and getting it i got nude by my car in the car park and sat inside it eating my burger and chips before driving nude the rest he way home.

I did not take any pictures as i dont take them of other people - only myself but i was too busy to do any so here is a picture of me at hoem with my medal fo rdoing the walk.

Pictures are on the BN website as they had a person there at the event

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