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Are you a home naturist that wants to explore naturism more?

I have been approached by a few home nudists / naturists that have asked about how to explore it more so I thought I would do a little blog on it.

So you are happily nude around the home but that is it. Nobody else knows you are a naturist and you dont know how to take the next step. Well the best way is to start with is to find out about what local naturist groups and sites there are around you. This will let you see places where others are lie you and just want to be nude and comfortable. Most places i have visited are always welcoming and friendly, after all everyone there is nude and have nothing to hide. You wont be judged on your appearance, sexuality, etc,

But is that too much and still too scary? well if so then try to source out people like myself that have clear proof of being a naturist and are respected members of naturist groups. I am myself the social media officer and the club secretary for East Sussex Naturists as well as a member of British Naturism, Natram (naked ramblers) and Suntreckers (naturist camping). I am always happy to invite people to my home or to go to theirs to discuss naturism and I am always nude around them. It is an easy way for a home naturist to see that others are like them and for them to actually meet and have another person nude with them. It shows them that they are safe with true naturists and have nothing to worry about.

So you meet another naturists and feel a little more relaxed so it is time to move to the next step. A naturist event. Now, best way to go about this is to go with the naturist person you have already meet. This will mean you are not alone and can feel a little more at ease as they will know what to do and where to go. They may know people there and can introduce you to them and you will see how everyone will be open and polite to you. If you have managed to get this far them you have basically done it, you left the confines of your home and have been in a public place with fellow naturists.

Now comes the big one - friends and family. Do you tell them, do you keep it quite? This is your choice and nobody else can make it for you but consider this - do you want to keep it a secret and if so why? Are you thinking that everybody will disown you and you will become alone and isolated? well fear not. In my experience and other naturists I have spoken to about this they all said the same, most people will say that if that is what you want then they are happy for you. Yes you may get the odd one that thinks it is wrong to be nude but they wont walk away from you. When I told my friends that all said they thought as much and none of them cared what I was so long as i kept my clothes on around them. I told everyone in my family and friends publicly on Facebook that I was a naturist and nobody said a bad word about it. Every was happy that I had found what made me happy and was pleased. Nobody I knew was a naturist but that was not problem because as soon as I went to a naturist event I made new friends there as well.

But remember it is your decision who you tell. I know a few teachers and some people that are in jobs where they keep it quite as it could cause problems but they are happy naturists that keep that part hidden away which is fine. Either way it is important to explore the naturist community and life style if you are nude and home as it will show you that it is ok to a naturist. You will meet people from all walks of life and make great friends that you can be with nude and fully relaxed.

If you are a home naturist in the UK and want to take that next step and would like to meet me then drop me a message as I am happy to help. I am also happy to meet people online as well via zoom, skype, etc from anywhere in the world if they want to talk about how they can move forward from being a home naturist

Best wishes

Nick - The Flying Naturist

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