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April Update

Well here we are in April and now getting ready for the naturist events to get underway as at last the weather has improved a bit. It has been what feels like a long winter and being nude outside has been difficult, dont get me wrong, I have still been outside everyday for my morning coffee nude but that is all.

So we look forward to the events getting going again as well as being able to be outside nude generally. Yesterday I spent the day nude in the garden and managed to paint my decking as well as have a cheeky nude hour sleep in the chair

I have also been doing a few 360 video's on my Patreon page as I eventually bought one with the help of the kind people that donated via Gofundme. This years footage from the walks should be awesome but i am still learning how the camera works etc so they are still test videos currently.

Now, as to walks etc. I have my first walk in about a months time but then they are twice a month for the summer. I also have the Brighton Naked Bike Ride of which i am an organiser this year as well as ride marshal and also doing the transportation of the equipment so I will be a busy that day but before that we have the new ride which again, I am an organiser of. This ride will pass very near to my home so is kind of exciting. It is as long as the Brighton ride but will start in a town, then be in the open countryside, pass on the edge of another town before returning to countryside and then ends up on part of the beach at Eastbourne. As soon as we go public with the ride I will be promoting it on here.

Other events that are planned are for a swim in a private small pool which is a lovely place to go but i may not be allowed to film. A big event that is being planned is a nude steam train ride which I will be on and will be filming which should be awesome. There is also nude meal as well being planned and another Naked Heart Walk at a new location so we have a lot of events to go to this year as well as I am at BareCamp this year for a weeks nude holiday so there will be footage from that as a daily blog.

The van is taking shape and i will do a video from inside it shortly as to how far it has progressed as it is taking shape now as a campervan but it sill have a lot to do on it.

Well I need to go and do some house work but will do another update shortly but for now I will leave a few links below to some of the events that are happening like walks, barecamp etc

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