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An update and list of events I am doing

Hey all, it's been a while since I did a blog post, so I wanted to do one today and let you all know what I have been up to and what I will be doing.

Due to the weather and being unwell a few times, I have not been getting out nude much. Sadly, I have been nude indoors and whilst driving to and from work but no walks or events. I have made a model of the SpaceX Starship on the 3d printer.

I have not even been to the nude swims as I cannot get comfortable with the pool being cold, so why pay to go to something that is not enjoyable?

So I have not been doing much at all outdoors. I have learnt to fly a drone thanks to my son, as he has one, and I am looking into how viable it would be to buy one for myself to use on the nude walks to film me, the others and the scenery.

As to what is coming up, I have the first planning meetings next week for the Brighton and Eastbourne world naked bike rides. The rides will be later in the year, but as organisers, we have to plan it all.

I am also starting to organise a nude holiday with members from East Sussex Naturists in Fuerteventura in 2024

Now for the list of monthly events


Fri 24th Naked I360 Brighton - I have been allowed to film this event and blog, so hopefully, I can do a good video.

Sat 25th Leonardslee photoshoot - I have been asked to make a behind-the-scenes video of the photoshoot for the BN/British Heart Foundation. I will be there nude.


26th Naked walk Rye - 7-mile nude walk with Natram in woodland near Rye, East Sussex


Wed 10th Naked walk Amberly - 12 miles near Ambery, West Sussex. Not a walk I have done before, so it should be an excellent new video blog of it

Sat 13th Naked walk Icklesham - not much detail yet about this other than it is an East Sussex Naturists members walk

Thurs 18th Naked walk Arundel - 12-mile nude walk near Arundel, West Sussex. Another walk I have never done, so there is lots of filming on it.

Sat 20th Naked walk Rye - 7 1/2 mile nude walk in the Brede valley

Thurs 25th Blue Lagoon swim, Hampden Park. I cannot film at this event as it is small. It has two pools that are very warm and lovely to swim in.


Sat 3rd June Naked Cuckoo walk. The walk to go from Heathfield to Hailsham naked along the Cuckoo trail. Fingers crossed, it goes ahead.

Thurs 8th June Naked walk Ashdown forest - 11 miles walking nude through the Ashdown forest. I was not going to do this step as I have done it before, but I have a reason why that I will reveal on the day.


Tues 18th Naked walk Canterbury - an 11-mile walk that I have not been on before


30th Naked walk Alfriston - 11-mile nude walk on the south downs near Firle, East Sussex. It was a new walk last year, but I could not do it. I have flown paragliders at Firle many times.


4th to 11th Bare Camp, Thorney Lakes. Yep, I'm going again on to bare camp, but this year will be getting there early so I can do the events and hopefully get s at least photos of this.


Tues 10th Naked walk Wadhurst - 6-mile nude walk around the woods near Wadhurst

I also have the two naked bike rides in June and any nude walks I take alone during the year. A few naturist events are planned, but I don't have dates yet. I will hopefully film as many as possible and bring you some new locations to see.

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