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A story I read today on social media

So today i was having a look around on social media and saw a post from someone that had been a few seconds before i spotted it. I am not goin to mention any names or location but will give you an account of what it said as well as where i feel the errors was made from all concerned.

So a male man today went for a nude walk in a deserted bit of woodland. He had removed his clothes and placed them in a pile when he began the walk so had no means of covering himself if the need arouse. He had been out for around 30 mins when he saw a female jogger coming towards him. She did not acknowledge him as she approached so he decided to be polite and say good afternoon and give a little wave to her.

So yelped "go away" and ran off in a different direction. he rushed back to his clothes and got dressed as fast as possible and walked down a main road away from the woodland. In doing so he was passed by a police car and shortly after another two that was patrolling the area. He went on a little further and a police car pulled up and asked if he had seen a naked male in the area to which he replied no. they also asked another person on the opposite side of the road.

He went on to say he went on his way and left the area

So lets look at this situation. Being nude outdoors in a public area in the UK is not against the law so he had done no wrong unless his intention was to cause or distress which being he is a naturist was not the case.

Where i feel the errors began was him leaving his clothes in a pile and not taking them with him. The way i see this is that if he had came across a family with children he had no means of covering up. It is not needed by law but is good naturist practice to do so and not have to be asked by the adults. By leaving his clothes behind also gave him no way of identifying he was rambling nude. lets be honest, if you walked through woodland and saw a person with no clothing or backpack on you would think they was up to no good.

The next error was him trying to be polite. Not everybody is a naturist so not everybody will want to be spoken to by one in public. By trying to engage in a pleasantry he accidental made it seem he wanted to talk to her. So lets see again, a naked man with no clothing or backpack, in the middle of nowhere try's to talk to a lone female. At this point alarm bells should have been ringing in his head to just pass her by and either just smile or do as I do, if they are not looking at you then pass by and say nothing.

Next issue which i feel is a massive error of judgement. When approached by the Police about a naked man in the area he did not say it was him and he is a naturist. So that then leaves the Police looking for a naked male in that area which they have no idea of his intentions and then making himself look guilty of doing something wrong. He should have said straight away that it was him and explained he is a naturist that went for a naturist walk in what he thought was a deserted forest. This would have let the Police know they di not have a male in the woods with other intentions and they could have gone on his way.

I dont feel the female did anything wrong in this as she was probably worried for her safety and informed the Police of this. Who knows what has happened to her in the past and this probably shock her up, but if the male had actually explained the situation to the Police she would have felt more relaxed if it was explained to her that he was just trying to be polite.

I have only one in the early hours gone on a walk and left my clothes by a tree as I knew nobody would be out at that time, especially a family, so had no need to worry. Other than that I always put my clothes in my backpack and cover up before i reach a family and if I am by myself I often cover if I see a lone female.

If it had been me in that situation I would have told them straight away. I have been in a similar situation where a female was on the phone to the police as she had seen me pass by nude and then she followed me whilst talking to them. i expected them to be at the end of the trail on the main road and was fully ready to tell them but they was not there.

If you are going to walk alone naked in the daytime during a lockdown then please be sensible and keep your clothes with you in a backpack and unless a person is looking at you directly as they are about to pass by please ignore them and say nothing as you then cant make the situation seem worse in any way

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