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A socially distanced naturist walk

Last week the sun was shining and the temperature rising and I thought it would be a great time for a walk. Due to work, I knew I had to do an evening walk, a new thing for me as normally I either walk early in the morning or on weekends. I contacted my friend that I was supposed to be going to Spain with but we had to cancel due to COVID and I asked if he wanted to come on an evening naturist walk on the South downs.

We agreed that Thursday was the day to do it and as the week went on it became clear that it was going to be the hottest day of the year. On Thursday morning it was given out that it was going to be not only the hottest day of the year but also the highest UV amount ever in the UK - and we were planning to walk nude!

Well after some debate we decided to still go and just cover ourselves with strong sun lotion. We arrived at the car park in Willmington

and walked down the little lane to the entrance of the path and as soon as we were through the gate we both removed all our clothes and set off heading towards the Long Man. It was hot but there was a good breeze to keep us cool and we made out way up onto the top of the hills and took in the views and fresh air. We could see clearly to Brighton to the west, Hastings to the east, the sea to the south, and up to Heathfield in the north.

A light aircraft slowly came overhead, not very high as we were on the top of the hills and as it did it decided it would do a loop around us, I presume they was surprised to see two naked men walking along in the middle of nowhere.

We walked along for a few miles without seeing anybody and then two runners came towards us, I say runners but in that heat, they was more like jogging. They passed by and just looked at us as they did. A little further another came towards us and as he did he began clapping! he said it was great to see us walking like it and said he was tempted to jog nude, I told him he should as he went past but he just laughed and carried on. Perhaps next time he goes out he may do it.

We made our way down through the woods to Jevington and then northwest through to Folkington and saw nobody. As we got about a mile from the long man I saw a young boy running around a corner up ahead. Instantly we decided to cover up as he ran back the other way. As soon as we had we set off again in almost instantly a family came around the corner, lucky we had covered up. They moved to the side and as we walked past they gave glared at us, I said thanks for moving but got no reply so I presume the boy had run back and told them and they were not impressed but where we had already covered they could not say anything.

We went out of sight around the corner and removed our shorts and carried on nude for a little more until we came out of a clearing and could see the long man. We saw that many familes had come out for an evening walk so at that point we popped on the shorts and walked back to the car park.

Not a bad walk. Nude from the start and almost to the end of the walk. 6 miles in 2 hrs 30 mins and not even sunburnt.

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