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A September naturist walk

Last Saturday was the last naturist walk I will be going on this year sadly. Due to work commitments, I cannot get any more time off this year.

So the walk. Well, we had to meet up at 11 am in a supermarket carpark in Heathfield, a town in Easts Sussex. We had been pre-allocated into two pods (groups) so we could be covid compliant and there was supposed to be 10 in each group.

I turned up at 10 am as I was up early and bored so I set off early. I Was first to arrive and slowly people arrived and by the time we were supposed to set off, we had only 14 that had turned up. Luckily it worked out that we had 7 in each group. We were in pod 1 and we set off and made our way down the footpath into the woodland and after near a mile, most of us got undressed. We had 6 men and a female in our pod and she felt a little chilly so stayed covered. Just after we were all walking nude we came across a female with her dog walking towards us. She gave us social distance and said hello as she passed. We made our way down through the woodland and I stayed near the back so I could do my video blogs of the walk. the sky was overcast but occasionally the sun popped out from behind the clouds and felt warm on our naked skin.

The group stopped whilst I was doing one of my videos as they had spotted some dear about 50ft from us. It then became apparent there was actually a few of them. We come out of the woodland into open fields and the sun decided to bless us with its warmth. Just after this, we came across 3 people in the middle of know where and they were looking at mushrooms. I am not sure if the group covered up before we got there or if they were asked to but either way, they seemed to be chatty and ok with us.

We carried on over the fields until we came across an airstrip which I googled and found out does microlight training which is something I am interested in. As we crossed it there were farm buildings so we covered up and ended up having a chat with the farmer that lived there. We had not been bothering to cover up in the past but the public seems to be a little more on edge and this can cause issues so it is easier to cover up at farm buildings etc.

We found a nice small clearing to have our lunch in and all sat and chatted. I popped off to do some filming and when I got back the others in the group wanted to know why I was filming so I explained about my website etc. we set off and I managed to get to talk to everyone that was on the walk. We made our way through the fields and down a road and a track and then found we had a couple of females coming up from behind so we moved over to another track and let them go past. They were happy and said hello as they went by. We carried on a little further and one of our group loves to swim in any sort of pond or small lake and sure enough, we came across a large pond / small lake and within a couple of minutes, he was in and swimming around happily. I must admit that when he got out we kept a little distance from him as he was covered in pond water etc.

We carried on for the remainder of the walk and did not see anybody until the very end. We all enjoyed the walk even though the sunshine had gone behind the cloud. It was a great way to end the year and I am looking forward to next years walks

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