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A poem i thought of

Hey all, dont know why but i have had a poem slowly building in my head so here it is

The naturists struggle

I am a human, but I’m different some say

For I am a naturist, without clothes on each day

Not ashamed of my body I don’t hide it away

I live my life happy, in this natural way

Don’t hate on me for it, don’t scream or shout

I will tell you what it is all about

No clothes are needed to hide behind

My body is normal, like yours you will find

Nude is not sexual, not done to offend

We are just happy and want to be friends

At one with nature, relaxed and free

This is just how we want to be

So I am not different from my fellow human

I don’t like clothes and live how I can

I may differ from you, but many will do

Accept what I am, let me live too

Gay people struggled to be accepted each day

But everyone realised its ok living that way

Naturists struggle to live how we do

Hopefully one day we you accept us too

I am happy like this, living each day

You live yours in your own different way

But if you see me nude when you’re out

Be nice to me as it's what life is about

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