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A normal day with a little sun

Hey all. Today was just a normal day in my life. I woke at around 6 am and after going to toilet and having a shower i made my way downstairs still nude and headed into the kitchen. I opened the blind and made a fresh Gingerbread latte, poured the cereal into the bowl. added the milk and made my way to the living room. i picked up some recycling items and opened the patio door and made my way into the garden and I felt the lovely fresh 10 degree air caresses my naked body.I headed down the garden and placed it at the bottom. As i turned and began to walk back up the garden i felt the early morning suns warmth on my skin.

i returned indoors and had my cereal. I got up and stood in front of the patio doors drinking my latte whilst watching the small birds racing about in the clear sky. then came the part i hate, time to get dressed to head to work. This is the part of the day i really hate, knowing i will spend the next 10 hrs clothed. I know i need to work and dont want to wish my life away but i desperately want to retire and leave this country far behind and head to Vera Playa to start my continual naturist life. All day at work i longed to be at home and the moment i could leave i headed fast towards it.

When i arrived i went indoors and as soon as i removed my footwear my clothes instantly followed. At last nude again and now relaxed. I grabbed my sunglasses and my cap and went back to the garden and laid down in the warm sunshine feeling the suns heat on my skin and letting all my worried fade away from my jumbled mind. I could hear both my neighbors in their gardens, one side out with their young daughter playing in the garden and the other throwing a ball for the dog to retrieve.

I woke around 2 hours later and the sun had snuck behind a house leaving me in the shade. I went indoors and put the oven on for me tea and emptied the rubbish bin. I carried it down to the bottom of the garden, picking up the recycling on the way and headed out through my garage into the parking area to put it in my waste bins. i looked up and saw another neighbor coming out of their garden and watched as they looked at me nude and thought for a few seconds before managing to say good afternoon to me. I replied with the same and added that it was lovely weather today to which they agreed and went on their way not worried at all i was nude putting out my rubbish.

I returned indoors ad had my food and then spent the rest of the evening watching the TV as well as going online still happily nude but with the thought in the back of my mind that again tomorrow would bring the dreaded clothed spell. Oh how i wish i never had to wear clothing again ever but alas that will never happen.

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