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A night time nude walk

On Tuesday (22nd Sept) it was the last day of summer and I had been at work and it had bee sunny all day. I got home and was sat nude indoors and was relaxing with the door open as it was a lovely warm evening , around 18 degrees. It started to get darker and I suddenly had the idea of going for a naturist walk so grabbed a pair of shorts and a jumper, slipped on my trainers and set off through the housing estate.

As soon as I had got out of the estate and onto the dark path that leads to the bridge over the dual carriageway I took my shorts, jumper and glasses off and popped them behind a large tree. I then began to walk off up the path in just my trainers. I had no means to cover up if I wanted to and nothing to illuminate the path other than the light from the town reflecting back down off the clouds.

I reached the bridge across the carriageway and as I passed over I could see the lights from the cars lighting up my upper body and wondered what the cars passing below must have thought as they must have been able to see me. I reached the other side and turned right onto the footpath. I could make out the pathway and worked out that it had been cut back so the bushes was no longer on the path. I walked down the pathway between the open field to my left and the hedgerow to my right separating me from the dual carriageway where as the cars passed by and the hedge had been cut back I could see the odd headlight light my nude body up fully .

At the end of the path I climbed over style and turned to my right and crossed the open field to the fence on the other side, then turned right and began to walk along the side of the field. I could feel a slight breeze from behind on my skin but it was still warm. As I neared the end of the the field I could hear the wind turbines spinning round and as I passed the last hedge at the end of the field I could see them. I made my way over to the middle one and took the time to sit at the base on the steps after laying a piece of cardboard down to sit on that was laying on the floor. I sat there nude watching the clouds starting to clear and could see the stars flickering and the odd plane flying along with their lights flashing bright.

I set off from the wind turbine and followed the footpath to the end where it meets a road between the town I live at and the next town. I turned left and made my way along behind the hedge as I did not fancy walking nude along the road lol. I walked for a while before I turned left onto a disused lane where I slowly made my way back towards where I had started, the wind was now in front of me and was definitely cooler but I carried on as I had no choice. I was wondering all the way back along if I would meet anybody but there was nobody out there other than me. I eventually came up to where I had turned off the path after the bridge and walked by and stopped on the middle of the bridge. I watched as the cars passed along below me and wondered where they was all going as it was now about 10.30pm, I had set off at 9. I walked back to the tree and picked up my clothes before carrying on back to the estate still nude. I made it to the edge of the houses and then got dressed. I had done about 3 miles fully nude other than footwear and with nothing to cover up if I came across anyone as I did not expect there to be anybody out there. The reason I even left my glasses behind was I can see clearer at night without them.

I had enjoyed the night nude walk and when I got in I got nude once again and checked for cuts etc from the odd bush but had none.

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