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A naturist walk on the South Downs

I got home from work yesterday and all my neighbours seemed to have families around the was in their gardens so I knew if I was to carry on digging my garden they would be annoyed. I had a quick shower and decided to head for the hills literally!

I drove to a place called Wilmington in East Sussex where there is a hill figure of a man

I parked in the car park near where this picture was taken from and crossed the quiet lane and walked down behind the hedge. In the picture, you can see a hedgerow going up the middle of the field, well when I got to the start of it that is where I removed all my clothes so I was only wearing my hat, trainers and backpack.

I set off happily walking in the warm sunshine, feeling free as I was once again out walking nude. As I approached the bottom of the figure on the hill I saw a couple sitting on the grass just off the path I was walking up and I as I got near they looked across at me. They looked away and did not seem like they wanted to talk so I passed by and went through the gate behind them and carried on around the base of the hill figure to the right and set off up the hillside.

I did not see anybody until I got on the top of the hill about 20 minutes later. As I went around a corner I could see a man and a woman coming towards me on the same path. I did not bother to cover up and as they got to me they stopped me and had a pleasant chat. They were in their late 60's and happily told me they thought it was marvellous that I felt confident and happy to be out in the countryside walking nude. We chatted for about 10 mins and then I set off on my way feeling rather happy. I passed a couple of mountain bike riders on the South Downs Way, a footpath across the hills that goes from Winchester to Eastbourne, 100 miles of trail. They passed by and said nothing but then I saw another mountain biker riding towards me. As he got to me he was laughing and when he stopped he said: " can I take your picture please, I have seen nearly everything each time I ride up here but never a naked walker and nobody will believe me unless I have proof". I happily said he could take a picture and after he did he said that I had made his day and he thought it was so funny that I was walking nude. I explained to him the a lot of people do but mainly in groups but as there is lockdown restrictions we can only really go out by ourselves. He told me to enjoy my walk and we went in opposite directions.

I carried on my walk and reached Jevigton, another small village that was 3 miles from where I had started so I turned back and followed the same route I had come up. I passed another couple and they did not speak and then I saw a group of mountain bike riders coming towards me at speed. As they passed i could hear them all laughing and saying to each other what the f*** was that. As the last one approached slowly he said "alright" so i replied with the same and just added that it was a lovely evening. I did not see anybody for a while, then two joggers went past me but about 20ft away on another path, two people walked towards me but I was on my phone as I had a call. I then did not see anybody until the original couple that was at the base of the hill figure. I passed by them and made my way down the path across the field and back to my car.

I had a lovely walk with no negative experiences from all I passed.

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