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A lovely naturist walk on the hills

I woke up at 6 am yesterday and the weather was already sunny with very light wind. It was showing as 15 degrees so I grabbed my rucksack and a couple of drinks got in my van and headed off towards Lewes. When I arrived I went up the wind turbine the hill above Glyndebourne and parked there as it gives good access to the South Downs.

I got undressed in the van as the lane I was parked in was quiet and there was no traffic. I grabbed the backpack and set off across the road and into the track that would take me all the way to Mount Caburn.

The first part of the track is sheltered and with the temperature not being very warm it was a little chilly but I set off at a good pace to get the blood flowing so it was not too bad. I made it up to the open hillside where I felt the sun's rays tingle on my skin and this made the wind feel warmer, taking in the splendid views from there as well as keeping a watchful eye open for any walkers.

I did not see anyone for the first mile but then I spotted two figures in the distance a fair way off but could not tell if they were two adults or what so I decided to keep going towards them and not cover up and make a decision further up. As I got closer I realized it was two males so I decided that not covering up was the correct thing to do and continued towards them obviously moving to one side to give them social distance. As I got to them they both said good morning to with I replied the same. A positive experience.

I continued up to the mount and when I got up to the top I looked at the lovely views for while that go all the way to Newhaven along the river Ouse.

I had a drink and decided to start on my return journey. As I stood up I could see a person in the distance where I was going to be heading but I took the same approach as last time, stay nude. As I got near the person they wen really wide from me and I took this that they did not want to talk so I passed them by and neither said a thing.

I carried on down the hillside and another guy approached me but his time as he got nearer he smiled and said "that looks fantastic, it must be the best way to walk" I stopped and chatted for a few mins and explained how it was and that it was legal to do it and how I go out with a naturist walking group. he wished he was brave enough to do it and then went on his way. Very positive.

I continued on and stopped to look at the phone to see if there were any paths o could take. When I looked up I could see this lady and her dog walking away to the right from me, obviously, they had come up the path and on seeing me decided to detour around. I started on my way as she was behind a mound of grass and then I realized she was in fact now behind me. I carried on walking then it dawned on me she was on the phone and then I worked out the police! I could hear her say the location and then saying " but it must be illegal to be walking nude in public". I guess the officer had said i was not breaking the law or doing anything wrong. As I walked away ii could hear her getting more and more irate at the poor officer.

If she had originally walked up to me and said to cover I would have and then could have explained the law but instead, she overreacted and wasted hers and the polices time. I feel that the information in regards to being nude in public is not been made aware of to the main population and it needs to be so people have a clearer understanding of it.

After that, I saw another man and he said good morning and one more lady with a dog but as she saw me walking towards her in the narrow track she turned around and walked back away from me.

So seven people saw me, three said good morning, one stopped for a chat, one ignored me, one lady walked the other way and one lady rang the police for no reason. Not a bad walk as nobody at least said anything nasty and the views were great from up there.

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