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360 camera purchase ?

Hey all

I have had an idea but thought i would post about it here. I currently make the video content on my mobile phone but i am toying with the idea of upgrading to a 360 camera.

The reason I am thinking of this is that I would be able to take 360 footage so it would be easier to show me outdoor and to be able to show you me and the scenery at the same time as well as they can be used under water as well so it could get some great footage of me under the waves swimming about.

Now the only issue is the money. They cost on average £450 so I would need to save for ages but if you feel this would be a good use of the money and would like to make a contribution towards it then here are the ways to do so

  1. There is a donation listing on my online store on here that will give people an option to donate different amount towards the camera

  2. Patreon - on here you can either make a one-off payment or be a patron and get exclusive content and see my videos at least a day before the rest off the world

  3. gofundme - this is a go fund me page i have set up for the camera

  4. Paypal - there is a link on here for my paypal so a payment can be made direct into there

I will post updates on here of how the fund raisin for the new camera is going so people can see when there is enough to buy it



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