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2021 Review

Well its that time of year that we get to reflect back on the year that is about to end and look forward to a fresh one. So lets look back at how this year went for me in my naturist lifestyle

So January was a quite month and not much went on but February saw me getting naked in the garden to do a snow angle

The snow did not last and this was my only chance to get outside nude in it. I would like to have done a nude walk in it but alas i had to work during he week and by the weekend the snow had vanished as quickly as it came

February, March and April was fairly quite months so there was no posts for a while then i May the first nude walk for the year I could attend happened.

I went on the Mayfield naturist walk with Natram. The weather turned out nice and all had a lovely walk

June was another quite month as i had a lot of prep work going on moving holidays, planning events etc and then came July

July 3rd was the date of the British Heart Foundation naturist walk at Chobham. The walk was a great success and over £23000 as raised. I had the job of greeting people as they came across the entrance bridge. Obviously i was nude but di not have chance to get a picture of myself as it was very busy. I did the walk after the last member of the public went round. Sadly it is not happening next year, at least I got a medal

Then on the 8th July i went on the walk Stark trekkers walk on the South Downs. I arrived late and had to run up the hill side to catch them. I love this walk as it gives great views over the south downs to the north and the south.

The end of July saw me and my son go to Gibraltar. This was not a naturist holiday but I did get to spend some time nude still. It is actually not permitted to be nude in Gibraltar and even topless is an issue

August was planning for Vera playa and then before I knew it September as here and I was in Vera. This was a great naturist holiday with lots of daily nude walking and time relaxing

The rest of the year was nude walks as often as I could get on them and nude swims with East Sussex Naturists. Considering that the pandemic was still floating around it was no the worst year ever but could have been a lot better

I was hoping that 2022 would start better but it is looking like the dreaded covid is not giving us a break and we look like we will possibly enter the new year in the middle of a 2 week lockdown.

So as for 2022 the main thing will be building my campervan. I have already been making a start on it and have installed the night heater but have a very long way to go. I plan to get out and use it to go to as many naturist camping events as possible, i already have booked into Bare West for a week of nude relaxing. I am waiting for the list of naturist walks with Natram to be released so I can book of the days from work to do as many of these walks as I can and hope to have a 360 cam by then so I can give a better experience for you all to see how it is to be able to walk nude in the countryside in the UK

There sadly will be no Vera Playa holiday in 2022 as the van will be soaking up al my money so instead it will be a year of nudeness in the UK

I should be able to be nude on Christmas day this year for the morning so if the weather is dry enough i shall try to get a nude walk done (currently looks like rain so it will be an indoors video update).

Well thats it for now but the new video will be on here in a weeks time ish.



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I really like Vera. greetings from Spain

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