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Nudity and the snow

Hi all.

Well the snow came ….. and went the next day! At least I managed a sort of snow angel, I dont think the snow was deep enough and also my body shape meant I did not touch the ground fully.

Anyway, update time. So the UK lockdown is continuing which it needs to but this means all the planned naturist events are still cancelled at this time. I managed to get on the local naturist Zoom meeting this week which was nice to get to see fellow naturists even if most was clothed.

Myself i am still nude as much as possible. I went out this morning down the garden even though it was -2c with a wind chill of -9 !!! I had not clothes and no footwear so i was fully nude and it was a bit stingy on the feet but my body was fine in it.

I know there are some naturist events still being planned like the BHF naturist walk in July and some other events still in the pipe line. My naturist holiday to Vera Playa is still in doubt as the airlines may not even be flying by then, British airways already cancelled some of my flights there but i have rescheduled them and took the chance they will be on. I need the naturist holiday as i have not had one for a couple of years now. I still have not even bought a Transit Custom to convert to a motorhome to get to the naturist camping events this year. The auction houses are closed so the prices are too much for me to buy one.

My nude driving to work has ended sadly. I was going in early on overtime so was driving nude to work as nobody was there when i arrived but now i am going in normal time there is too many about to be able to arrive nude so that will be it until the summer and then i will drive everywhere nude as i can just slip a pair of shorts and a t shirt on before getting out.

I am still doing the videos and tweets as well as trying to keep this site updated but again where there is very little going on it is difficult.

I have just bought a new Rode microphone thanks to my Patreon supporters so will be doing more videos soon

I shall do another blog soon with more updates

Best wishes


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