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Nudity and me

I was sat in the garden this morning nude having a coffee and suddenly thought "why am I nude?"

So that is a good question. The majority of people would never dream of sitting in their back garden fully nude in view of everybody having a coffee in the sunshine so why do i. Do I do it because someone may see me, am I just an exhibitionist? No is the simple answer but I will go into more detail.

I am nude as it feels natural to me. Wearing clothes just seems odd which to most would seem bizarre but that is the way I am. So looking back at my life and being nude I can say I have always been happier nude. I remember being nude at home up in my room when I was young and being happier when I had no clothes on.

I started sleeping nude before I was a teen and would often rush out naked into the garden when my parents went out. I was happy being nude at school and often down the bottom of the school field when dared I would get naked and walkabout.

As soon as I was old enough to drive I ventured down to Brighton's naturist beach by myself and get naked among others, even if I did get lots of guys trying to chat me up even though I am straight. The thing was I found I was just a more comfortable nude and still am. I would go up on the south downs and wander about nude, not in view of anybody.

Once I got my first property with my wife I began living nude at home all the time. Even though she was not a naturist I still lived nude around her. I loved the lifestyle and carried on living this way for all my life. My home is a no clothes area unless I have my son or friends round which is not a naturist.

Nowadays I go on naturist walks nude with people or without, I live at home nude, I go on naturist holidays, I go on naturist events and yes I even sit nude in my garden ..... why? well, it is my lifestyle I AM comfortable with it, I don't care what anybody else thinks or if they can see me as it is not for them, it's for me.

I love the freedom to be able to get up on a day off, have a shower, go downstairs and make a coffee and walk outside still fully nude and have my morning coffee in the sun. the feeling of the sunshine on my naked skin is lovely and no constraints of clothing tight around any part, who cares that I am outside on my genitalia is out, what does it matter? it doesn't, I'm happy and my neighbours seem to have no issue. When I go on a naturist walk if I see young person then I cover up until I have passed but normally I am just walking along fully nude, again does it matter? no of course not. I am not hurting anybody, I am not doing it to cause alarm or to be seen. I am doing it as I feel more comfortable.

Would you if you had a chose actually chose to do something that is uncomfortable over something that is not? No, of course not and this is why I am nude as much as I can be.

So the answer is I am a naturist and not just an exhibitionist as i am happy nude in my home where i cant be seen just as much as if i am on a naturist walk and see other people.

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