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How do I become a nudist ???

I had a message sent to me via my website with a simple question … "how do I become a nudist" and whilst I thought oh thats easy, just take your clothes off, I then began to think about this and realised it is more than that and perhaps it needs explaining.

So you have decided to become a naturist, why?

This is the first question I would be asking as it may turn out the person is not doing it for the right reasons. Yes, we possibly all are naturists or nudists for different reasons but one thing is for sure and that is we are not doing it just to see people naked. For me, the reason is because I feel more combatable when I am nude compared to when I am clothed. Even though this is the truth there is still times when I have to wear clothes like when I am at work or out doing the shopping. Another reason is for the freedom you feel, being able to be yourself and relax fully and not have to worry if people are judging you on your outfit. It is for me way more comfortable being nude then having clothes rub on my skin.

So long as you are wanting to become a nudist or naturists for the right reasons then it is fine, just doing it to leer at naked people is not!

The first steps

Once you have made the decision to give it a try I would suggest being nude around your home to start with. At first it may seem exciting but for some it soon becomes the norm but for others they begin to loose the happy feeling and start to feel awkward. At this point is when you know if it is right for you or not. If you go in at the deep end and go straight to a naturist/nudist camp site for example it may be overwhelming and then you may never feel comfortable and give up on the idea. Try being nude around the home day after day and get used to just doing normal things like cleaning, watching a movie, cooking, etc, nude and once you feel relaxed with it then you can take another step if the weather is ok by going outside in your garden nude. It is best to try this in a secluded part of your garden to begin with as that way you will not feel so worried. After you are relaxed being nude in your home and in a secluded part of your garden then feel free to try exploring your garden nude.

Be aware this is where you may have to deal with your first confrontation. Neighbours can be ok or not with seeing you nude in your garden. I am lucky as both of mine seem to have no issue as they have both seen me nude in my garden but dont say about it - if they had an issue they would have let me know. Here in the UK it is clear that the law says you can be nude at your own property which includes your garden so long as you are doing it for the right reason as follows

  1. You are carrying out normal day to day activities (just nude)

  2. you are not out there nude to cause shock or upset (not out there just to show your body off to all)

  3. You are not doing anything sexual (no touching your self inappropriately)

Keep to them rules and you are doing nothing wrong.

Get in touch with naturists / nudists

By this time you should be comfortable being nude in you home and garden so now is time to meet more naturists and go to events. I would suggest that you start by looking at who is your countries main naturist/nudist organisation. Here is BN (British Naturism). Go to their website and become a paid member as there sites have a large amount of info on naturism, events, groups, etc, and all this can help you explore the full world of naturism/nudism. Some organisations wont allow single males to join which basically is sexual discrimination and if it was me I would remind them of this fact and they should allow you to join.

Once on there look for your local naturist/nudist group or club as this is the best way to find local people that are on there. Once you have registered and done your profile make a post on there saying you are a fairly new naturist/nudist as this will let people know you are probably shy and nervous still. Meeting local people is a good idea as you dont have to travel far and can meet them in their own home. I have had a few people that wanted to become naturists come round my house for an evening to talk about it. I am happy to do this as I feel it helps show them a naturist in a home location and they can feel more safe and relaxed. I meet them at the door nude and then stay nude throughout the whole evening but never force them to be nude, if they are comfortable to be nude then i let them get undressed, if not then not a problem.

Going to a naturist/nudist event

So by now you have joined a national and local naturist group and may have been to a naturist/nudists home so now its time to go to a naturist event. The best one for your first event in my opinion is to go to a nude swim. Reason for this is you will only be nude after getting undressed and getting into the pool, after that you are under the water so not on show as to say. You can then relax and whilst having a swim you will also get a chance to talk to people and get a feeling of being with many others that are nude. I would suggest going to a few swims before going to any event where you will be exposed fully for a long time, for example, if you went to a nude walk you could stay clothed for it whilst all others are nude but you probably would feel awkward. You could on the other hand get nude but after walking a little way you may feel to overwhelmed and want to cover up. Only you will know when you feel you are ready to move forward to this type of event. I often will partner up with a new person to an event as if they are feeling a little out of place then they have the chance to be with a seasoned naturist that can explain to them any odd feeling they have or panic and want to get dressed etc.

Once you have got past the first nude event then it will feel more natural and then is time to move onto things like nude camping, nude holiday, nude events like visits to bowling or art galleries etc. I have been a naturist all my life but still I get nervous going to a new event, not for the thought of being nude, for the thought of meeting new people I dont know. I am actually a shy person and I am very quite in large groups and am at times socially awkward but if i am in a small group or 1 to 1 I am fine and can chat. We all feel nervous at some time but the main thing is to try these experiences and learn from them as the more we do the easier it becomes

What else?

Nothing! you are now a naturist/nudist. There is no exam to pass or rule book to sign up to. Once you feel comfortable being nude under any circumstance you then are a nudist/naturist. There is not rules you must follow but as per being a textile person you still need manners and to respect others. If you are talking to someone then remember you talk to their face and not the body. Dont stare - its just rude to stare. Dont be offensive or hassle people. And dont touch !!! Respect peoples personal space and just because they are nude that dont mean you can touch what you want. You would not do any of those things if you was clothed and are a normal person so dont feel nudity gives you the right to do an of them things.

Above all else just relax and be comfortable being nude and around others that are nude as this lifestyle is so rewarding.

Go forth and be nude!

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