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Answering the door nude

Updated: Jan 14

So this is something that I know has a very divided opinion. I am talking about when the doorbell goes, and you need to go and answer the door to a shopping delivery or the post delivery.

For example, today I had a big shopping delivery, so I placed my dressing gown next to me on the sofa, ready for the delivery. Sure enough, when the doorbell went, I popped the dressing gown on, went to the door, and took the shopping in.

So why did I wear the gown? Well, I see it like this. Would you drive to the local town, get out of the car nude, and walk into a shop? I think not. The reason is that you don't know who is about, and there are members of the public that may not want to see you nude in town for whatever reason - possibly they don't like nudity, they have children with them, they are just shocked, etc. So answering the door nude is the same. You have no idea if the person on the other side of the door may be the same as people in the middle of the town. You could cause a severe issue where the person feels you have done it in a flashing way, and then the next thing you know, you have the police visit, and the delivery company won't deliver to you from then on.

The way I see it is if we are nude in our gardens or a secluded parking area behind the house, then there is not likely to be an issue where you are suddenly confronted with a person directly standing in front of you, like answering the front door. When you open your front door nude, you already know you will need to engage with another person who may be shocked or offended by your nudity. Being naked is normal to us, yet it is not for everyone.

When I am out on a nude walk, I meet people who need to pass by me, but in that situation, they can ignore me and look away as they pass by. Same if I need to cross a busy road. They are driving and don't have to engage me in any way, as they can keep looking at the road and other cars. When you open that front door at home, they don't have a choice and have to engage with you regardless of how they feel. We as naturists need to be respectful to all other people, as do they to us, so answering the door nude and forcing someone into a potentially distressing situation for them is not respecting them.

The only time I see that it would be ok to answer the front door nude is if you lived in a naturist village as people know that as they drive through it, they will see naked people, so they are expecting you may open the door nude.

People could argue that nude walking or the world naked bike rides are wrong as we force people to see us naked, but they have the option to ignore us and look the other way still. In any situation where people need to engage with you, you should at least partly cover-up, even if it is just a towel around your waist. That way, they are not forced to engage with you whilst possibly feeling uncomfortable or distressed.

So I say always have respect for other humans, and that includes when you have to engage with one when opening your front door. If we, as naturists, make a point to show respect to others, then maybe they will respect us more.

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