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A great naturist swim

So last Sunday the Eastbourne naturist swim club held their first swim since covid became an issue.

I arrived very early as this was our first swim at the new location in Hailsham and located the pool fire door that I believed we were supposed to meet at. One by one club members began to arrive and before long we had over twenty people. We were then informed we could use the front exit if we wore masks etc to comply with government rules.

We made our way indoors and was treated by the friendly staff and we were allowed to wait in the cafe area and was told we could make purchases from it as they had kept it open for us. It was very clean on tidy with great lighting and a view over the fields.

after a short while we were allowed to go into the pool area but not the changing area. This was to save them having to clean up after as covid rules say it has to be done so instead we all stood in an area by the side of the pool and got undressed.

this was not an issue as we are all naturists and nobody was embarrassed etc. There was chaired to put or clothes on or sit on if needed.

This is the pool, we got changed on the right-hand side area

We entered the pool down the few steps which are then into shallow water and made our way past the end of the wall and into the main pool area. The water was warm enough, it felt cool as the showers were very warm and lovely. The pool was clean and well maintained and was very well lit. The flume was not in action but maybe for future swims. The members that I spoke to said they liked the new pool more than the old pool and everyone seemed very happy with it. Everyone had a good time and it was great to be able to catch up with fellow naturists again.

The swims continue now up to the end of the year and visitors will be welcome to join the swims from November 8th. To do so please register at

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